Live creatively. That’s the motto I live by. Everything I do involves some sort of creativity, whether it’s arranging my weeknight dinner on a plate, taking a million photos of my dog, or DIYing all the things.

Hey Love Designs was founded in April 2010 when a few close friends and family members suggested I take my love of making things into a side hustle. I was creating cute decor for baby showers, making cute cupcakes, and finding any excuse to design things. Since then I have enjoyed being able to share how I live creatively and want to inspire others to do so. Most of the things I make are so simple – anyone can do it!

My current obsessions are watercolor calligraphy, color blocking, and outfitting my new studio apartment in Playa Del Rey.


I’m Michelle Nguyen, a thirty-something who lived in Northern Virginia for my entire life until I packed up my things and moved to California in search of a new adventure in 2015. I often talk about my crazy mutt Nico or something I’ve DIY-ed. I love playing outside, especially stand up paddleboarding, and taking long beach walks with Nico. My family and friends are the people who inspire me every day. In addition to Hey Love Designs, I manage all social media marketing for an awesome company that makes mealtime matter. It’s safe to say that life is good.

Now how do I get my family and friends to move from NoVa to Los Angeles so that my life can be complete?


[ LETTERING ] I can’t help but find a way to make words look lovely. Whether it’s a quote that you want to frame, envelopes addressed for a wedding, letter design for a product, or a special gift, I’m happy to offer a range of lettering styles.

[DIY] I absolutely love crafting and this blog serves as my outlet to share my creations, as well as show others how easy it is to get down with some glitter and scissors. I’m happy to provide DIY services for those who want the homemade look for their events, but don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves.

[ DESIGN ] I provide a range of services whether it’s for a wedding, social event, personal stationery, or business needs. Each and every design is custom made to suit your needs and budget. Need matching stationery to identify your brand? Throwing a party and need invitations? Just want some note cards to write some snail mail? My brain is full of ideas!

[ EVENT STYLING ] I’m not an event planner, but I help you add those extra accents to your party or event. Whether it’s tips on how to be crafty and do-it-yourself (DIY) or I create the flourishes for you, I live on the principle that no one needs to pour hundreds or thousands of dollars to make an event fab, but without looking cheap. Check out the blog for tips and once in a while, free printables and tutorials!

[ PHOTOGRAPHY STYLING ] Need content for your social media? I love styling products! Check out my Instagram to see examples of my work.


Hey Love Designs is pretty and simple. If you browse my site you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. My style is not kitschy, wild, or cartoony. I may turn down a custom request if I feel it does not fit my brand.

So here I am. I am Hey Love Designs. And I’m so excited to share what I’m so passionate about and am looking forward to working with everyone.