Top 19 Best Accent Wall Colors Reviews In 2023

best accent wall colors

Deciding on the Best Accent Wall Colors is no small endeavor. Whether your purpose is to brighten up a room, add an element of shock, or flaunt your favorite item of artwork or furniture, accent walls are a highly effective tool that needs to be wielded with caution.

For the sake of taking the guesswork out of giving your room a fast and effortless refresh, then we rounded up our beloved no-fail colors which will be easily styled to match virtually any aesthetic.

Top 19 Best Accent Wall Colors Brands

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Best Green: Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive SW 6209

Green is a paint color that is really trendy but if you do not need to dedicate to full-on Kermit, an accent wall can be a fantastic option. Sherwin-Williams Ripe Olive is a green color that is perfectly appropriate to a living area, bedroom, or even seen in the picture above. It is a color and pairs well using neutrals like beige or off-white or milder colors of green.

Blue And Sandstone

Set of your living area or bedroom. Having a creamy blue wall beside tan and white colors, you will have a relaxing, beachy vibe with no mess of water and sand.

Cobalt Blue

In her book”A Field Guide to Getting Lost,””, Rebecca Solnit writes, “The planet is gloomy at its borders and in its depths.” That’s the reason why we are so captivated by the accent wall in this Berkeley flat kitchen. It provides an airy and crisp sense if your vibe is Cape Cod mod Yves Klein or even beach book.

Grey Walls

What accent colors go with walls is among the questions concerning color mixes.

A popular fashion when utilizing grey, greige, beige, or alternative neutral main wall colors of a mild to moderate color, is to balance them using powerful accent colors. Accents that are yellow and grey walls are a mix, which can be adored by fans. Among the color combinations that are classic, dim gray and attention-seeking yellow is. A couch with pillows that are yellow is a classic instance of the color that is vivid and the gray can combine.

This living area features a grey paint color together with green color with outcomes. Throw with artwork and green cushions and such as yellow and you get a design.

Grey works nicely to make a relaxing and peaceful home. To get a look that is more glamorous, consider combining with magenta.

Best Black: Ball & Farrow Away Black

We love partitions, however, we know that not everybody is up for the dedication of a room that is black. Get the best of both worlds together with Ball & Farrow Away Black. This black-but-not-completely-black color has undercurrents of pairs and black blue beautifully with additional paint colors like blue, purple, or white. It complicated and it is loved by us behind a sofa or a bed.

Green And Red Brick

Amplify the power by putting a brick wall vertical to a wall of your space, such as the one that is green here. The feel of the brick beside the surface adds allure and dimension. Decorate with accent things such as area rugs and photographs, canvases.


This purple–literally known as”Grape Juice”–provides some fun and whimsy into the restroom in this pop-art-inspired Chicago house. We have been seeing a resurrection of decadent purple accents lately and also adore the size they include to any area, while it’s dark and moody or tasteful and classic.

Brown Walls

If you’re looking out with walls that are brownish, the gold is a favorite choice. Brown had a tone that works great in conjunction with gold, itself. Your accent at a living area or bedroom with brownish partitions may be anything from golden damask prints one of those walls into some large ornate gold-bordered mirror.

Best Orange: The Spruce Greatest Home Persimmon Orange SPR-01

Wish to bring a pop of color? The Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange is a profound red-orange color that will add personality without appearing like a carnival. Pair it with colors with undertones like yellows or even off-whites.

Navy, Pink, And Brown

Do not be scared to try out an accent wall thought. A wealthy paint can provide thickness and personality to the guest room a bedroom or a child’s room. This color combination is warm and striking when combined with colors like pink and brown.


Why don’t you go in on the”Jungalow” fashion and go green on one wall? This lush”chard” color feels natural in this area from A gorgeous Mess and those cacti seem at home against this background. The best part is there is no green thumb required (fortunate for me).

Best Yellow: Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow 2155-50

There. Benjamin Moore Suntan Yellow is a bright color of yellow paint that isn’t overly bright but adds just enough blossoms to brighten up a room that could be lacking in organic light. Try it into a room that is living or a dining area and pair it together with even whites, beiges or browns.

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Blue And Cream

An accent wall does not need to consist of color. Elect for a blueprint to provide shape and character to the room. Complement the space using a wall that incorporates colors that are similar.


The accent wall that is orange feels glossy in this California house’research paired with mid-century contemporary design furniture. Insert elements that pop or present a color palette that is hot along with fibers to get a twist that is southwestern.

Dark Clay With Pink And Pastel Blue

On the lookout for accent wall thoughts that bring texture? Try out a brick feature wall in your bedroom or office to enhance the energy. Accentuate the color scheme.

Earth Tones

By painting one wall at a blue, bring a vibe into your living room or living area. Twist in sandstone and black white colors to produce a feeling of peace and harmony. Personalize the space with canvases and picture cushions.


Mint accent walls are loved by us since they are bright and relaxing. Although this bedroom features contemporary decor, a mint accent wall appears at house scaled up with diverse classic decor or paired with minimalist eastern-inspired components.

Light Blonde And Sapphire Wood

To the accent color just like the ones in this case, use the cabinets In your kitchen. You breathe depth and character into a little area. Wooden details–such as boards and your countertops –deliver dimension to the all-important room.


Alright, so it is not just a color, but background accent walls are especially on-trend today, and also this San Diego-inspired cacti wall is among our favorites since it integrates color and feels so attractively. If you do not have a favorite print, do not have the patience to get a gallery wall, or are just a minimalist by nature, a wall full o’ wallpaper could be just the trick to bring a little attention.

The Way to Pick The Best Accent Wall Colors

The Way to Pick The Best Accent Wall Colors 

Colors are among the greatest approaches to accentuate your house and provide much appeal to it. We frequently love seeing accent colors used in hotel rooms, fancy restaurants, and houses but in regards to utilizing it in our homes, we wait.

It leaves us wondering about a lot of questions of interest to the mixtures, the quantity, and the colors. Employing accent colors appears to be a huge commitment and it’s, that is the reason it’s vital that you carefully choose your accent colors to enhance your room’s overall color scheme.

The Accent Color Rule:

You anticipate a pop of color in your own room when you consider accent colors. Plenty of individuals believe the use of contrasting colors ends up resulting in separation or disturbance.

However, the reality is it does the opposite. When used accent colors to give your house look. The risk-free method of using colors is after the 60-30-10 rule. The color which you need to be the base color is If you think your living space.

This color, which goes on into the walls will be held by 60 percent of your area. Folks if you don’t mind some colorfulness prefer it to be neutral tones such as beige, white, cream, or pale hues of aqua blues and mints.

30 percent of this color is the one that adds some allure and breaks the monotony of their base color. This shade goes into the upholstery inside the room.

The remainder of the 10 percent of this color is the thing that functions as the accent color. The accent shade retains the color scheme intriguing with its use and adds appeal. In the prints onto the curtain into the rim of this flower vase, the accent shade could be inserted into as much detail to make it appear subtle and nicely positioned.

You may amp it up a bit by playing with its own amount, Even though this is the method of employing an accent color in your house. By being on one of the walls, colors may take some part of the base color or may be utilized as the upholstery on the couch.

When deciding upon the location of this accent wall, most designers look to determine whether there are some features in the area. This may be layout features like a fireplace, built-in bookcase, wainscoting, nook, or architectural component. Color may be used also make it stand out and to emphasize the attribute improving its allure.

Accent Wall Color Ideas

Walls are the procedures of adding some color play into bedroom, living rooms as well as baths. Employing an accent color adds character and depth. For rooms, accent partitions could be ideal.

The living area is where you invest the majority of your time enjoying a fantastic time and guests. Put in some additional efforts. To get a setting, colors of blue-green & as accents for walls work the best for space. Belonging to the colors on the color wheel, blues and greens are all popular options to create a relaxing and calm set up.

Warm tones such as colors of yellow and crimson are adored as accent wall colors to rooms because it provides your room a look and brightens up the room. Shades of crimson which range from red, blush, and scarlet to darker tones such as wine, maroon and Marsala are apt for spaces such as dining and kitchen room. Red relates to elements of dining and meals table, so spaces in which you serve meals or create food receive the piece of play.

Your choice of color can be versatile If it comes to improving your toilet walls. Color shades have been selections for toilets. But that does not mean that you can’t add color here. While the foundation color is usually white, gray, or beige, you may select anything such as mint green and aqua blue accents from dark gray and black to brighter and lighter colors.

Accent Colors For Furniture

Furniture is the way to making a house that’s impressive at the very first 18, forward. Even though plenty of people like popping color on the walls accentuating the décor, accent furniture is for all those people who are searching for some color dedication.

Giving out your furniture accent colors isn’t a simple choice, but which would define your distance and your character when completed its something. That have whites and off-whites from the decoration, it’s quite simple to opt for the accent furniture shade. Since blends nicely with each color you’ll be able to select on anything.

For houses with colored walls such as mint yellow and powder, it would be ideal to elect for the color of the color for the furniture. Believe an emerald green console table set from a mint wall. Colors above each other’s layering are among the most effective methods for making a home.

If your house has colors on the walls such as navy blue or Marsala, your accent furniture may be in rustic walls. With the addition of prints instead of colors, It is also possible to make fun. By way of instance, a house with walls may get floral print couch or cloth in a gray and yellow combination that’s striking and chic. Another choice is to accessorize prints using cushions or a blanket.

In Summary

If it comes to accent walls, Heylovedesigns has discovered that the secret to being happy with your choice is flexibility. Regardless of how tendencies vary or your preferences evolve, these colors pack a punch when it comes to design and adaptability.

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