Top 21 Best Area Rugs Brands In 2023

best area rugs

Whether you are a house layout no room is complete with the best area rugs. From a practical standpoint, they provide a pillow and underfloor heat to wood, tile, and concrete floors; they muffle sound and decrease echoes (just two musts for those people living in flats ); plus they could cover up unfinished flooring or older wall-to-wall carpeting. From a style standpoint, an area rug can make or break a space.

In reality, some house décor pros recommend beginning with your area carpet and picking wall colors, upholstered furniture, and other house décor items (such as throw pillows) according to its own layout.

Along with its functional functions, the ideal area rug may anchor a space, define distinct spaces within an open-concept design, and add aesthetic worth to a room.

Just make sure you follow this simple rule: Your carpet should be 6 inches, but no longer than two feet off, by a room’s walls. With tens of thousands of choices available on the market, it can be tough to get the ideal design, texture, form, and size area rug for your house.

Here, Heylovedesigns, the place rugs it is possible to purchase.

Reviews Of 21 Best Area Rugs of 2020

Reviews Of 21 Best Area Rugs of 2020

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World Menagerie Wilkins Hand-Tufted Gray/Blue Area Rug

For a material like wool, start looking for a room in your home like space and also pick a color that includes any layout to it.

Wool rugs, such as the Wilkins Hand-Tufted Area Rugare a fantastic option since they appear high-end, however, they are long-lasting–particularly in the event that you use a rug pad underneath to help absorb a few of the shocks that come together with constant foot traffic. They are also simple to wash.

If it comes to color, opt for something in the center –such as this dark blue alternative –which has speckles or a blueprint to help hide minor debris. Rugs that are too dim possess a propensity to show crumbs and other tiny particles, and in addition, they fade considerably quicker.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA has almost 8,000 area rugs available from doormats to the room are carpets ranging. Styles sterile, and include modern, Moroccan, and that is only the start. With such a massive selection throughout the spectrum of design and budget, even if you can not locate an area rug you enjoy at Rugs USA, you might not have the ability to find it everywhere.

I have two big room-size area rugs. They came wrapped in long poles, secured and protected in plastic wrap, which was a little unwieldy, but a few awkwardness it to be anticipated when sending an 8-foot from 10-foot carpeting.

Among the carpets is white, and it came pristine, which means you won’t need to think about your new clean rugs becoming entangled in transit. 2 decades later, they have held up to kitty scratches, higher foot traffic, and many furniture rearrangements, and they look fantastic.

Insider Reviews beauty and style editor Sally Kaplan love Rugs USA because of its collection. But because it’s numerous carpets available, she recommends getting to understand the kind feature fairly well so that you do not miss that perfect rug concealed deep on page 76.


Flatweave rugs have no”heap”–which is, zero fibers which stick up. They are a fantastic alternative if you’re searching to cover a space or to occupy a high-traffic location.

Ordinarily, an adequate flatweave will not cost up to a top-quality carpet using pile and will be simpler to keep looking fine year in and year out. Flatweaves will not trap as rugs with heap as much grime, plus they are simple to wipe down with a cloth or to wash. You may also machine-wash a number of these. Most are still reversible If they do get stained.

Flat-woven rugs work great in kitchens or dining rooms (they are simple to scoot chairs round on), or at playrooms (they provide a good base for a tower of cubes ). Bedrooms can be worked in by the ones. Consider beginning with a flatweave for a foundation and adding a smaller high-pile or shag rugs to make the room feel cozier.

Employing a thick rug pad may make a major difference with those rugs, changing them out of something which feels appropriate at a kitchen into a rug that’s cushioned enough to devote a bedroom.

Having a thick rug pad, a flat-woven rug will feel elastic and soften the impact of a surface. (Plus, it is going to provide a milder landing pad for children to fall down ) On the bare during or flooring a thin antislip liner, your toes will feel each bump in the carpet’s construction.

If you do not use a pad, then a flatweave can slide and prove poisonous. This sort of rug will not conceal a blot in addition to higher-pile carpeting.

Best Cotton: Albert Herringbone Handwoven Indigo Area Rug and Dash

If you are trying to find the perfect area rug for the living area, you can not fail with this gorgeous handwoven indigo mat. It is made which makes it soft underfoot, sustainable, as well as very affordable. While cotton flat-weave is not the plushest choice available on the current market, the substance remains soft and research.

The Chevron pattern adds enough attention. The routine helps stains between cleanings and conceal debris. Although this area rug is simply intended for indoor use, it is going to look great in any area, from a house office or bedroom into the kitchen. So that it will not slide around A rug pad is recommended.


If you believed Rugs USA’s choice of almost 8,000 place rugs was remarkable, Wayfair blows that out of the water with almost 30,000. It is possible to discover fantastic deals In case you’ve got the patience and time. However, you’ll need to devote some time to sifting through subpar choices and locating the proper rug for you.

It is important to once more make buddies with all the sorting tools — we particularly like that it is possible to sort by heap height. You might also need to provide a bit more weight than normal to the user testimonials.

We do not often suggest this as many consumer reviews can be manipulated or fake, but using such a huge catalog to sort through, they may be a useful tool that will assist you to narrow down that rugs are high-quality options and that may wear out fast.

Many carpet designs can be found in a variety of sizes, so also be certain that you double-check the measurements of everything you are purchasing. Wayfair has great rates, but do not be duped into purchasing a doormat-sized carpet once you believed you’re acquiring a room-sized one. Occasionally very low costs may be too good to be true.

Safavieh Rag Rug

Best for: dining area, Kitchen

Why it’s good: Rag rugs rank among the top options for a kitchen since they’re machine washable and they seem okay with a little bit of tear and wear. We enjoy Safavieh’s hand-woven rag rugs, which cost significantly less than most other rag carpets we have observed, feel comfortable to walk, and also come in a broad selection of shades and sizes.

The layout, consisting of variegated yarns (or rags), means that many small stains will just mix in. This carpet isn’t hard to turn over or throw in the wash–and in the event that you truly ruin it, it is cheap to replace (it is the cheapest of the kitchen choices we looked at).

One of our editors has had the multicolor version of the carpet because 2015, and it is holding up –only a number of those yarns have pulled slightly. Along with the white one has held up nicely in a kitchen through a year of testing; I throw it in the wash every few weeks to maintain the color fine.

You may occasionally locate Safavieh’s place rugs for greater deals on Amazon, although the choice is somewhat scattershot. A more unconventional variation using a white speckled center and a daring border in colors from grey to sexy pink can be found at Target and Walmart.

Flaws although maybe not dealbreakers: While tender, this rug is a bit thinner and bumpier underfoot than several flatweaves–make a thick rug pad to go for this. This carpet may also shrink slightly after washing one editor discovered her runner shrank a couple of inches in length (even with air-drying), therefore keep shrinkage in mind when ordering the dimensions to meet your space.

Another editor discovered that his carpet warped in contour under the burden of an office chair rolling round, in addition to the tear and wear of a cat clawing at it–unsurprising gave the weave of this carpet is about the backside.

Best for Halls: Langley Street Aldergrove Handwoven Beige Area Rug

As a result of the low pile height, this flat-woven carpet is durable and long-lasting, making it a fantastic selection for an extremely trafficked area such as the hallway. The thin heap height also makes it effortless to wash –all it requires is a normal pruning to eliminate minor debris and grime.

When there’s a drawback to this carpet, it is the very low pile height that is lean and does not provide much cushion. A luxury rug pad helps absorb impact and scatter any sound that may travel between floors. Additionally, the great thing is that coziness is not as vital from the hallway since it’s in a different place, like a bedroom or even a drama area.

West Elm

If you are trying to splurge a little longer to update your area, we love West Elm’s choice of area rugs. They are somewhat more expensive than a few of our other selections, but the one of a kind designs add a clearly contemporary and classy look to your space.

You will have peace of mind on your order knowing that lots of the carpets are fair transactions, denoted by a transparent emblem close to the thing as you scroll, which means you will know at a glance. Another emblem denotes that rugs are handwoven, also you may click to find out more about these weavers. It is a wonderful touch that provides you context about the artisans and also your purchase you are supporting.

Although I do not have any place rugs from West Elm, I really do own several pieces of decor and furniture, and I have always been impressed with the design and sturdiness of these things I have bought.

Before, West Elm had caught flack for faulty products, but it appears to have remedied the problem within the last few years. Should you have a problem with your purchase, West Elm requires yields for 30 days and will provide a complete refund so long as the product was not a closing sale.

Loom &Hook Flatweave Eco Cotton Cabinets

Best for: bedroom, dining room, living area, bedroom, kitchen, kids room

Why it’s good: Our Writers named those flatweave rugs as a favored due to their intriguing designs. They arrive in 82 colors and patterns (solid, striped( and geometric), offering the maximum variety we have seen in one line.

Though their texture is not anywhere near the lavish texture of a carpet using pile, these rugs are milder than many flatweaves we’ve analyzed. To our testers, the weave was felt significantly less bumpy underfoot than the multicolored rug carpet we attempted.

We believe these flatweaves tear and will withstand indications of wear. After being analyzed since 2016, they have held up nicely in a kitchen, bath, and bedroom, plus they reveal dirt less compared to polyester contest (since Lisa Wagner writes Rug Chick, polyester rugs adore catching grime and pet hair).

Even the tiny geometric patterns contained in those rugs do a fantastic job of concealing stains and marks, as Jessica Probus, writer of Home Decor Cheat Sheets: Need-to-Know Stuff for Stylish Living informed us.

It is possible to machine-wash them so they are fantastic to get a place where they’re very likely to receive spilled on (believe kitchen or dining area ), though you will want to take bigger sizes into a laundromat.

Best Design: nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

Another solution for the apartment or your house is your nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug. This traditional rug features a contemporary Moroccan trellis design that is available in six colors, by a muted grey that is fantastic for a living space to some multicolored option that is entertaining to get a playroom.

A pile height makes the carpet simple to wash, Even though color choices skew on the side.

Revival Rugs

Vintage one-of-a-kind rugs are among the most effective methods to make sure your area is yours. As opposed to scouring flea markets or thrift shops to locate a stone, Revival Rugs has done all that for you, sourcing classic handmade area rugs straight from Turkey, Morocco, and India. Obviously, you are going to cover the luxury — that is not the very budget-friendly option on the list.

Kitchen reporter Connie Chen and insider Reviews residence analyzed Revival Rugs to get a review. She had been especially impressed by how the carpets have been sent in easy-to-manage boxes instead of long, unwieldy tubes.

She writes, “My 69-inch by 125-inch carpet ($815) was sent directly to my door in a cardboard box, which includes an easy-carry unwanted grip. After I took it out the carpet was folded up inside but did not appear to have some deep or noticeable creases.

Revival states it folds instead of rolls up its carpets to earn packaging more economical and less bulky, permitting the company to provide free delivery on its own carpets. Once flashed, your carpeting must flatten out naturally in a couple of days.”

Revival includes its Revival-Made line of limited edition handwoven rugs. Sure they will not be just one of a sort, but they’re much easier on the pocket than the classic ones.

Crate and Kids Barcode Rug

Best for: Bedroom kids’ room

Why it’s good: Any stripes will make a room feel more spacious, but the variant in stripe size leaves the Barcode Rug from Crate and Kids (previously The Land of Nod) among the more intriguing layouts of its type we have seen.

The cotton weave is the lightest flatweave we place our toes on in analyzing; it will make a room feel comfortable and cozy in ways most flatweaves won’t. The color choices of blue and gray will go with anything.

Flaws although maybe not dealbreakers: This carpet won’t endure a good deal of wear and tear; should you let shoes in the home or have a great deal of foot traffic, consider a more solid weave such as those out of Hook & Loom or even Dash & Albert.

Like most cotton rugs, the Barcode Rug will shrink somewhat if you place it in the wash: We discovered a sample square shrank by roughly half an inch in length and width. (As rug dimensions online are not always accurate, but it was somewhat larger than the promoted 12 by 12 inches to start with.)

Best for Toilet: Hand-Woven Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

It is especially important to opt for a stain-resistant rug at dining places and highly-trafficked rooms. A faux indoor/outdoor rug similar to this one is an excellent pick for those spots as it is durable and easy to take care of.

This geometric, white, and black, handwoven carpet is fade, stain, weather, and mildew-resistant. Additionally, the layout helps conceal after cleanup, any stains that could linger.

Use it in your kitchen, dining room, entryway, patio, covered porch, or three-season room. Clients give this carpet high marks because of its cheap price, soft feel (even on bare feet), and endurance.


Area rugs can be pricey, so losing you to a spill or stain or sporting out one with a lot of foot traffic could be rough on the pocket.

For bettering your rugs ruggedly has come up — they have produced them machine washable. Each area rug comes in 2 pieces: a carpet pad that goes in your flooring and a decorative carpet cover which lay over the top of the mat along with attaching to it using a kind of Velcro impact.

Whenever your carpet cover gets dirty, simply detach it in the carpet mat, toss it into the washing machine, and reattach it after it is dry. You can purchase a new rug cover and also spare the price of having to purchase a new pad Should you tire of this layout you picked.

Ruggable’s rugs come in many different styles and sizes, so they are quite budget-friendly, plus they have outside and high-pile choices.

Kitchen reporter Connie Chen and insider Reviews residence analyzed Ruggable. She was amazed that everything stayed place and had been amazed by how simple the carpet cover was supposed to clean.

She writes, “The organization’s patented sling Effect Technology’ maintained the bits together constantly, the carpet did not slide around in the floor, and that I did not need to stick to any fancy specific directions when machine-washing and drying it.

Lowe’s Pebble Path Carpet Tile

Best for Kitchen, dining room

Why it’s good: Should you want to cover ugly floors –state, linoleum on your living space –onto a bare-bones budget, then these Lowe’s manicured carpet tiles are a fantastic alternative. They cost less per square foot than any other carpet we tested and are like the favorite Flor tiles (although less layout conscious, they cost just a fifth of the cost ).

They can be easily installed by you in almost any configuration, as a result of peel-and-stick backing. Even though they’re thinner compared to Flor’s indoor/outdoor offerings, the feel is similar: tough, but also a small cushy underfoot.

The tiles are fantastic for a place which sees large traffic from accident-prone pets or kids –should you harm a tile, then you may just eliminate and replace it. The glue ought to be simple to wash the ground using a cleanup solution off.

Flaws although maybe not dealbreakers: These tiles texture and look industrial–just like something you would see in a basic school or an office building. They will not add exactly the exact unifying coziness to an area that other carpets will, as well as everything we are recommending here, they are the roughest.

Since they’re tiles, they do not possess the edge rugs to do and will seem best covering a room wall-to-wall. We would hesitate to use them in a room.

IKEA Hovslund

Best for: kids room, Living room, bedroom

Why it’s good: The layout on IKEA’s Hovslund resembles like this of the Persian Area Rugs 3028 Moroccan Trellis, however, it is much easier to wash and much less prone to spots. It is, nevertheless much less soft.

Gray is an excellent neutral color to get a carpet, based on style specialists we talked to: It hides dirt and can be a bit more intriguing than white or beige. The white pattern around the Hovslund adds a little bit of dimension, also, without controlling an excessive amount of attention.

Even though the white lines will probably demonstrate a stain more readily compared to the grey, they’re thin, therefore a blot or a little color change from grime will not stand out as readily as it might on a rug using more white location. The super-low heap is constructed from nylon–that makes this rug simple to wash down with a cloth.

Best with Tassels: Beam & Stone New England Tassled Wool Farmhouse Area Rug

Tassels are not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are partial to the layout flourish you will adore Stone & Beam’s New England Tassled Wool Farmhouse Area Rug. The subtle rug is hand-tufted in India and constructed using 80% cotton and 20 percent wool.

With soft blue and cream colors and an easy-to-clean-medium heap height, the carpet works well in almost any area of your house –even high-traffic places like your living room or front entrance. As it is available in 2.5 x 8-, 4 x 6-, 5 x 8-8, and 8 x 10-foot dimensions, you will also have tons of alternatives.

Reviewers note that Stone & Beam’s carpet appears a lot more costly than it’s; one reviewer states that it is better quality than those she has purchased at high-end retailers such as Anthropologie.

Safavieh Milan Shag

Best for: children room, Bedroom

Why it’s good: The Safavieh Milan Shag feels amazing underfoot:”SO PLUSH!” Composed among our testers. We tested, this carpeting was the one we had purchased. Unlike on other shag carpets we attempted, the fibers are equally close together and soft, not dry. “Others believed too narrow and overly rough,” reported a different tester.

Flaws although maybe not dealbreakers: The fibers are long–two inches–and especially prone to trapping dirt. Even after our vacuum evaluation, this carpet held on to lots of quinoa out of our”dirt” test.

Best for Bedroom: Specific Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Area Rug

Relaxation is essential, In regards to the bedroom. You desire. When you awaken in the morning, you would like your measure to maintain a rug –not a cold.

The Particular Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Area Rug delivers on these promises, also it comes in 23 distinct colors to match any decor design. A variety of sizes can allow you to locate the ideal match for your area. Additionally, it is simple to wash, stain-resistant, and will not shed.

Best Neutral: Amelia Taupe/Cream Area Rug

Sometimes you do not need your rug for a speaking piece of this space, but it does not mean that you should settle for something boring and blah. This taupe and cream area rug has the only color and feel to seem great but will not clash into your area with parts of furniture.

This carpet is flat-woven, therefore it won’t possess the conventional softness of a plusher rug, which makes it a fantastic choice for rooms that get a good deal of foot traffic and a great deal of clutter –for example your entryway or your own kitchen. The flat-weave means spills can clean up since the carpet is constructed from stain-resistant polypropylene.

Best for Automobiles: Avonmore Jadeite Area Rug

If you are a pet owner, selecting the most appropriate carpet is vital to maintaining the life span of your purchase. In case of muddy paws or mishaps, Obviously, you are going to need something comparatively stain-resistant and simple to wash.

Steer clear of jute or sisal, because they have a tendency to absorb stains and odors. You will also need to consider the carpet’s construction. Rugs with loops, because claws cause piling or fraying and could snag the fibers.

This carpet is a wonderful selection for pet owners since it is made from a synthetic material that does not absorb stains and smells (this can also be important when the carpet is moving at a high traffic area).

The carpet’s low profile makes it effortless to vacuum and place clean. Although it’s more expensive than a lot of the alternatives on this particular list, it is worth the investment if you have pets.

How we picked and tested the best area rugs

We sifted on reduction home-decorating websites like Wayfair and Overstock, in addition to on Amazon. We checked out the offerings from retailers like Crate and Barrel, Pier 1 Imports, Target, Walmart, and West Elm.

However, per the help of second-generation carpet cleaner Lisa Wagner, we stayed skeptical of the purchase price of carpeting from big-box shops, since such drugs are usually manufactured from the very same substances as much cheaper counterparts on reduction websites.

We looked at carpets


made from cotton, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, and combinations. Polypropylene rugs will not last so long, but they are more affordable than rugs produced from different substances, therefore replacing them won’t matter just as much.

See also:


We considered flat-woven, low-pile, and higher-pile carpeting. Flatweaves are fantastic for high-traffic areas since they smooth and simple to wash.

Cabinets with heap –of fibers sticking out of the carpet’s backing–are normally more padded and better for living areas and bedrooms. Our selections skew toward flatwoven carpets since they are inclined to be more affordable.


We read again and again which the main rug to get space ought to be large –big enough for most of the furniture in a space to partially sitting, based on interior designer Jessica Probus. We looked for rugs that were available in sizes but inexpensive.


Carpet costs were capped by us in $400 for 8-by-10-foot carpeting. We did not find a big impact in substances between carpets at the cost and a number of the offerings which cost twice as much, which comprised blends of cotton, nylon, and rayon.

We fell in love with a few rugs that were somewhat more expensive, but you can purchase swatches of these rugs on the internet for a couple of dollars to affirm that you enjoy their appearance and texture before committing.


Experts we spoke to guided to go having a more neutral rug for a foundation layer and then incorporating smaller accent rugs on the top –how you would put in a colorful throw cushion to a plain sofa, Probus clarified.

We steered away from carpets that came in a distinctive design that will work for tastes. We preferred carpets available in sizes in colors, in addition to sizes in colors.

The Way to Choose the Best drugs for chambers that are different

If you’d like your rugs to operate well and look good for as long as you can, ensure you’re getting the ideal sort of rug for every room. You will need sturdier rugs for a high-traffic entryway or toilet, but you can need something plusher. Following is a breakdown of the kinds of carpets for every single area.


Possessing a rug to stand on as you chop veggies or fresh dishes could be pleasant to your toes compared to cold tile. Additionally, the carpet may add feel and color to the ground. A kitchen rug ought to be simple to wash (so cheap you could throw it after having a nasty spill) and pleasant to stand on for extended intervals.

Meaning flatweave or low-pile, and created from materials which you could wipe down (nylon or polypropylene) or perhaps throw in the wash (cotton). Because they can take some abuse, indoor/outdoor rugs are a fantastic option. Runners or Little rugs operate within this area –put a runner across the ground.

Should you do plenty of standing on your kitchen and do not care much about using a brightly colored rug, then you may even purchase a standing mat. We use this one from the Wirecutter test kitchen and it is recommended by us to status desk mats from our guide.

Dining room:

A rug can make the dining room feel grounded and maintain seats out of scratching against the floor. When you’ve got small children (or are simply spill-prone), put money into a dining-area rug that is simple to wash. Your dining area rug needs to be a flatweave or low-pile carpet you can move seats around. Pick on something that has a pattern to help mask spots that are little.


Make if you are likely to invest money on a rug. A bedroom rug must make the room feel comfy and feels underfoot. It’ll get less wear and tear than carpeting in different areas of your property out of traffic. So you don’t invest less which you are never going to see beneath your mattress Purchase carpeting.

Living room:

A rug in the living area will help define a room. Living room rugs could be a bit harder than carpeting for your bedroom, as you are unlikely to invest as much time barefoot. (in case you’ve got a no-shoes policy in your property, but you can eliminate spending additional money on something tender since it’ll be exposed to dirt and so last longer.)

Flatweaves, low-pile rugs, and higher-pile rugs may operate in rooms. If you can not manage to pay the distance between all your furniture, then consider carpets arranged to combine regions where dialogue occurs.

Kids room:

A vibrant rug is a fast method to create a kid’s room since enchanting and fun –you can eliminate colors and prints which would seem too zany in every other area of the home. Consider a lavish high-pile rug near the mattress or a reading seat to make a soft coating to flake out on, along with a low-pile or even flatweave alongside a play place.

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