Top 14 Best Bath Mat Reviews In 2023

best bath mat

The Best Bath Mat will liven up a toilet, keep your toes toasty, and carry out the all-important task of protecting you from slipping on wet floors.

After 30 hours of analyzing and exploring dozens of carpets and mats, Heylovedesigns has chosen three which we adore for performance, comfort, and design. Each should endure through several washes and will make your bathroom feel and look a little more luxurious.

Top 14 Best Bath Mat Brands of 2020

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Gorilla Grip Original Bath Rug (30″ x 20″)

The perfect bathroom mat is the type you do not actually have to consider, making Gorilla Grip offers a clear option. It is a gentle rug to measure on, but not so lavish that tiny water gives it a matted, tangled appearance.

Additionally, it is ultra-absorbent into the point where it could soak up a skillet of water in roughly ten minutes, so any heated water will go in the mat, instead of to the grout between your flooring tiles.

The Gorilla Grip mat is available in 20 distinct colors from black to light pink, and that means you are going to be hard-pressed to locate a toilet decor scheme that can not match.

And while we analyzed the 30 x 20 variant, it really comes in two different dimensions (24 x 17 and 44 x 26), in addition to a U-shaped version made to fit around a bathroom. We would gladly use this on a daily basis, particularly since at only $15 for your 30 x 20 mat, so it is barely pricier than our very best value pick.

West Elm’s Luxe Fibersoft Bath Mat

West Elm’s new bath collection is made from 100% organic long-staple Turkish cotton that is soft and super absorbent, and also it’s own Luxe Fibersoft Bath Mat is no exclusion. This bathroom mat is the lightest and most absorbent of the bathroom mats we have tried.

The substance is Oeko-Tex certified to be safe for your health and the environment, also it’s an 800-gram per square meter weight, so it seems just like a fancy bathrobe in a high-end resort.

Not only is it West Elm’s bathroom mat soft but in addition, it absorbs water out of your feet. My toes are dry on this tub mat and in moments once I step from the shower. Additionally, the mat dries fast so that you do not need to fret about it remaining sopping wet daily.

It is also machine washable and you can pop it from the dryer, even though it’s probably best to slip low or hang it to prevent any shrinking. It’s cotton.

The Fibersoft Bath Mat measures 20 by 34 inches, which makes it the ideal size for the majority of baths, and you’ll be able to get it at several colors, such as navy blue, soft grey, and white. We recommend going with the navy shade since it will conceal discoloration or any stains.

The sole drawback here’s that the $39 price tag, however for natural cotton this soft and this absorbent, it is well worth it to pay a little more to get a bath mat that will endure. Furthermore, West Elm regularly discounts its things, so you could have the ability to find a deal on the bathroom mat should you watch out. — Malarie Gokey

Pros: Organic cotton 800-gram weight per square meter trendy

Cons: somewhat expensive

Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug

If you are really worried about your mat slipping, then the Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug is your very best nonslip mat we analyzed.

Though a number of other nonslip mats we attempted had thin coatings at the floor that flaked off at the drier, the Lands’ End mat’s thick latex backing held up nicely and did not deteriorate with repeated washings. Contrary to other rubber-backed mats, this you still dries fast from the drier (although not as quickly as a towel-like carpet does).

AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat

This AmazonBasics mat is precisely what you’d expect–fundamental. It is soft enough to the toes, though fairly sparse, so you may like to use it like a post-bath supplement into a plushier mat as opposed to a permanent floor covering.

Nevertheless, it is affordable and therefore ridiculously absorbent I ended up with it through testing to wash excess water from the ground. Hang once it becomes it to wash once you want to, and toss it. Easy.

There is something to be said for a mat, which the man isn’t. It is no luxury flooring rug–try out the Gorilla Grip mat or maybe a memory foam offering such as Genteele if you want luxury.

However, if slightly simplicity works for you personally, this cotton mat will. It comes in only 1 dimension (20 x 31) plus a few subdued color choices (black, gray, navy blue, black and white). For just more than 10, it is a deal.

Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

It is something which the Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat is among Vdomus’ best-sellers and it tops the charts of Amazon’s best-selling tub mats. All of the bases are covered by this tub mat with its own soft, quick-drying fabric and anti-skid backing coating. On top of that, it has a customer care team along with a satisfaction guarantee.

This Vdomus bath mat’s chenille microfiber substance absorbs water to maintain your flooring tidy and dry. After consuming all that toilet moisture Considering that the mat is created of thousands of person microfibers, the mat dries fast. When bathtub mats rely on the quick-dry function, mold and germs have enough time to grow, so the substance starts to smell as it will finally dry.

On the security side, the Vdomus bathroom mat is reinforced by a non-skid latex coating so it will hold any toilet flooring. Step out without fear of wiping out in your way or completely slipping around.

Fortunately, both the chenille microfiber along with the anti-skid latex employed in this bathroom mat is made to be machine washable to get stains out and freshen the mat up following heavy usage. Directions dangling it flat to dry and indicate a laundry cycle on your washing machine. Additionally, there are colors and assorted sizes to choose from to fit décor and the dimensions of your toilet.

Pros: Quick-dry, super-absorbent, anti-skid backing

Cons: Synthetic microfiber is not a Selection for eco-conscious buyers or people with skin allergies

Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

The Frontgate Resort Bath Mat is the towel tub mat that is easy. Though its Terry fabric feels thick and luxury underfoot, this mat is still thin enough to fit beneath a low-profile doorway –some other mats could not do. It is pricier than a few we attempted, but we believe it will endure for many, many trips through the wash.

We also discovered the Frontgate to become more absorbent than other towel mats. Its densely packed loops did not feel helpless following one individual drip-dried with this mat, whereas soaked through.

Offered in a selection of colors, the Frontgate will fit with any decor–even our selection for bathroom towels. It comes in 1 size from 34-inches, but that ought to function in areas.

Magnificent’s Enormous Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

Magnificent’s choice to chenille shag is that this microfiber bath mat, which is smoother and thicker than our other selections up to now. The memory foam cushions feet so that they feel protected and comfortable.

Changing to smooth memory foam does not signify that the bathroom mat of Magnificent provides up on what things. The substance is sterile, and it absorbs moisture and water and dries fast to keep your toilet floor clean and clean.

The Gorgeous bathroom mat also comprises a non-slip backing coating so you are going to feel protected if you measure from the tub or shower, and anybody with the foot, leg, or back injuries choosing for microfiber for additional relaxation will have the extra reassurance of knowing that skids and slides are outside of the question.

The smooth surface material of magnificent is machine washable and promises to wash than mats available on the industry. With no shag threads to look after, you can throw this tub mat in the drier without needing to be concerned about the ethics of this cloth.

Though the Magnificent non-slip memory foam tub mat is among the most economical choices on our listing, it does include a satisfaction guarantee to be sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Pros: Memory Foam is soft microfiber surface to clean

Cons: texture as lavish or Might not dry

Momentum Home Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug

This was reasonably fluffier and marginally faster to dry compared to our winning mat, but it was far less costly and cost about twice as much. It is still an excellent option, especially in the event that you’d like your mat to dry quickly–only be aware that the main reason behind the shorter dry period is it does not soak up as much water from the first location.

The mat is made from microfiber bristles, that feel on the toes. It is safe to throw in the washing machine, even though you are going to need to allow it to dry flat or onto a clothesline. It is a good mat and there is no denying it, however, because it’s a 30 + price tag, you can purchase some of our beloved Gorilla Grip mats to get roughly precisely the exact same quantity of money.

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat

The ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat is your ideal choice we found to get a wooden, platform-style mat. It seems much better constructed and more secure compared to the wood mats we analyzed, together with rubber feet to stop it from slipping around the ground.

The ToiletTree was better sealed than mats–a few of that lacked any sealant whatsoever –together with water pooling and draining off the timber away.

After analyzing this mat for the previous 3 decades, we have discovered it has held up nicely to a constant stream of people in our evaluation office, with no wear or hammering on the end.

Wamsutta Duet 20-Inch to 34-Inch Bath Rug

My toes adored this mat that the most. In my notes, I confessed that I would use it for this reason. When I attempted to use it in order to soak up water, it had been ineffective. Additionally, I discovered it unraveled a little around the edges, which did not make me optimistic about its own lifespan.

According to the testimonials on Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the carpet sheds” like mad.” I can not say I noticed this occurring before or after I washed the mat, so it is luck of the draw on that front. I really do believe that of all of the mats I’ve analyzed, this one is the most inclined to drop since it does appear to have more fibers, but that I certainly did not see this happening.

Grab one of them if you desire the softest mat at the group, or when you’d like a mat out of a proven line which has many different alternatives for fitting rugs intended to match on the ground, around bathrooms, and even on top of the lid into the bathroom.

Luxury Cotton Hotel-Spa Tub-Shower Bath Mat Set

Although advancements in cloth technology create quick-drying, super-absorbent substances possible, sometimes there is no substitute for the texture of 100% cotton. This luxury cotton bath mat in Utopia Towels consists of 100% ring spun cotton, with no additions or compounds used in its own production process. Eco-conscious buyers!

The luxury cotton bath mat is machine washable because it’s made from pure cotton, but Utopia proposes washing it individually on its initial cycle to be able to prevent a great deal of lint.

This product really comes as a pair. At under $16 for your collection, this is a fantastic affordable choice that leaves lots of space for design options throughout the mat’s classic design and its many color choices.

Possessing two fitting bath mats can do amazing things for laundry strain, especially in dorm rooms and tiny apartments when you require a bathroom mat today but do not have enough time to do the laundry before the weekend.

Pros: Environmentally-friendly ring-spun cotton is easy to clean, soft, and natural

Cons: With no fancy quick-dry cloth technologies, cotton bath mats may take longer to dry out and probably will not continue so long under heavy usage

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you need that velvety memory foam texture, Genteele is probably what you’re searching for. It is certainly wonderful to measure when tender, although any dampness leaves it fairly icky to come in contact … not, it absorbs very much water.

Additionally, it came folded in two, and that I discovered the crease which left it unappealing for a short time. Nevertheless, it provides a great deal of cushion between the ground and your bottoms.

Additionally, a small warning for people too lazy to study measurements –the smallest variation (17 x 24-inches) feels very small for a post-shower space. The 20 x 32-inch mat may be a much better bet.

If you have never had a memory foam tub mat, then you ought to be aware you will probably either love it or hate it, but you are not likely to feel ambivalent.

If you love it, then you will enjoy it for the feel, in addition to for the pillow set between the ground and your toes. However it is going to dry if you hate it, then it’ll be caused by the squishiness of memory foam.

InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

When high-tech fabrics and fabric bath mats won’t cut it, their bamboo. The benefits run by the sleek texture underfoot into the contemporary, minimalist aesthetic which can keep your bathroom looking dry and clean.

Though a lot of wooden bathroom mats contain elevated construction to allow moisture trickle down and vanish obviously, the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat opts for a woven backing to keep the mat reduced to the ground without obstructing the arc of your toilet door swinging open and shut.

The InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat features a non-stick backing coating, and that means you slip and won’t slide despite the surface of the mat. The bamboo material dries fast and retains the product’s overall weight to move around. It repels water according to user reviews and is not difficult to wash. It’s possible to roll up the mat for storage that is rapid.

Considering all the advantages of a floor mat wrapped up at the appearance of bamboo, it is no wonder that the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat is an Amazon best-seller.

Pros: aesthetics and Affordability create this bathroom mat a no-brainer

Cons: Without space to breathe and high-quality oak stuff, this mat will not last

Lifewit Non-Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat

The mat of life is nice. It was neither good nor poor concerning softness and business. I didn’t feel pampered, although my toes were not miserable. There is A concern that the mat does not absorb water. This usually means that it dries quicker than a number of the mats that are costly, however, the flooring stays wetter than perfect.

Color options are motivated either–you can choose between gray or white. On Amazon, you can find a 32 x 20 mat, a two-pack, or a package that includes one 30 x 20 mat plus a 59 x 20 mat. The later comes in gray.

The Way to Decide on The Best Bath Mat 

The Way to Decide on The Best Bath Mat

After years of collecting and analyzing feedback, we have discovered that individuals are not pleased with their tub mats. To avoid this happening to you, we recommend considering these questions if you are shopping:

What size is the toilet? Be sure prior to select a mat to measure your toilet. Mats can be found in sizes as small as 17. You could be amazed by how a 17-by-24-inch mat is.

Some people prefer to use two bathroom mats–one close to the shower and also just one in the front of the sink –thus quantify those areas to have the best match. Be certain that you confirm the elevation of the mat too if your toilet door should clean your mat.

How are you going to keep the tub mat? If you want we recommend obtaining a mat that has a timber platform or nonstick funding. If you would like to hang on the mat involving showering, you are probably better off using a resort mat along with a rug.

Do you want nonslip funding? In case you slip in the toilet or have children, start looking for a man using a piece of rubber attached to the back. It’ll have the skid resistance. Some mats have a thinner, brushed-on coating that is very likely to wear off in the wash.

We analyzed and chose

Mats and rugs rank one of the highest-traffic floor coverings in the house. From cleaning specialists Along with this advice we obtained we used our common sense to Find out the criteria for a Fantastic bathroom mat or rug:

  • Absorbs water effectively
  • Dries relatively fast
  • Washes well (capable of devoting weekly or biweekly wash cycles for a couple of years)
  • Offered in numerous dimensions (although we concentrated on the 20-by-30-inch dimensions, that need to be appropriate for many bathrooms)
  • Offered in solid-color choices (because a lot of men and women use patterned shower curtains in their toilets )
  • Receives customer is accessible and testimonials

Woven rugs are probably the underfoot, designed to wash, and simple to consume nicely. We analyzed both cotton and mats. Cotton will consume but takes whereas nylon or polyester synthetics do not absorb as well but dry quicker.

We held the timber mats we analyzed to standards. These mats do not actually absorb much (if any) water, therefore they are fantastic for outside showers or baths with drainage. They give a look to a bathroom, in case you don’t enjoy the sense of materials that are wet and they’re able to feel underfoot.

An adequate wood mat must feel sturdy, with rubberized grips on the bottom. We ignored wood mats whose testimonials often complained of splintering, cracking, color bleeding (from dyes( occasionally ), and cracked endings.

We discovered that timber mats were made of walnut or pine, but we did prefer one a distinction is the bamboo mats possess a finish, and also the weak ones don’t.

We looked in over a hundred choices from places like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, Target, Crate and Barrel, and L.L.Bean, and we found that many shops sold quite similar variations of the exact same thing. From our first scanning of hundred-plus versions, we analyzed the 27.

We dried and washed all our evaluation runs three occasions and mimic a couple of months’ worth of clogs. We disqualified rugs which didn’t hold up (if, say, the nonslip coating came off or the carpet revealed wear), people which didn’t dry completely in the drier, and people who felt unpleasant to endure.

I took the most promising mats and rugs dwelling. This gave me a sense of the carpets to fit in stylistically a toilet and sizewise. I noticed the woven and memory-foam rugs took to dry between showers and also they felt underfoot. I analyzed the wood tub mats by stepping to check their steadiness and splashing water.

See also:

Assessing our job.

We utilize standardized and scientific evaluation approaches to inspect every product and provide you. Email us if you have found different effects in your research and we will compare notes. If it seems large, we will gladly re-test a product to attempt to reproduce these outcomes. Peer inspections are a crucial part of any scientific process.

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