Top 10 Best Bathroom Countertops Reviews In 2024

best bathroom countertops

In Consumer Reports’ labs, we invest weeks staining, scratching, scorching, and thumping popular the Best Bathroom Countertops materials–such as classic stone and fashionable composites–to determine that’ll appear best in a toilet.

“Stains are usually the most frequent issue,” states Chris Regan, CR’s lead writer of countertops. “So that is the test which impacts the total score the most.”

Heylovedesigns examine bathroom countertops differently compared to kitchen counters. We use lipstick and hair dye rather than meals and drinks in the staining evaluation.

In addition, we spill abrasive compounds like Drano and nail polish remover to the counters to find out if they leave any marks. Rather than using hot strands to check a countertop heating resistance, we utilize hot springs. To learn more, visit our countertop purchasing guide.

We found minimal differences among manufacturers, which explains why our countertop evaluations are organized by substance, not by the manufacturer. Some materials, such as granite, marble, and concrete, have stained and stained much too readily in our evaluations and aren’t suggested to get a toilet.

Listed below are just four countertops that can look great in your bathroom and continue, also. For Advice on How Best to take care of these and other countertops, see How to Clean Countertops and Maintain Them Seeking Their Best.

The Way to Pick The Best Bathroom Countertops

The Way to Pick The Best Bathroom Countertops

There are loads of toilet countertop materials that can be found in the industry. And your main challenge would be picking one from the broad array of alternatives which you have.

To aid you with making this choice, we also have included the pros and cons of every countertop material. Just as the appearance and feel of this countertop matter, don’t forget to remember the ease of upkeep as well as the durability of the of substance.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Countertops For Your House

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Granite is offered in a vast selection of designs that move from subtle to bold. It’s one of the premiers from the pure rock options. It supplies the toilet an elegantly dramatic appearance and its own attractiveness is very likely to add resale value to your house.


  • High-end designer appearance
  • Long-lasting, water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Superior durability and resistant to heat and humidity from a hot curling iron
  • Once sealed properly requires minimum maintenance


  • It appears to be among the most expensive countertop materials
  • The substance has a higher prospect of being damaged if not managed properly. It is a Good Idea to hire a professional for your job

Price: High (when compared with other counter materials)

Highlight: granite countertops sold in The Home Depot are all pre-sealed and include a 15-year guarantee.

Care: Granite countertops necessary to be sealed every six to twelve months. They have to be cleaned using warm water and a liquid detergent. Harsh cleansers have to be prevented as they blot they could cause scratches and dull the finish. Whether there are small scratches or chips, then they may be removed by polishing.


If your eyesight of granite countertops is the nasty, metal-edged laminates of yore, then you want to devote a while looking at new products from Formica, Wilsonart, or other leading producers. The appearance has developed so much that laminates can fool you into believing they’re granite, marble, wood, leather, as well as stainless steel.

Laminate countertops are made from layers of vinyl which are secured to some particleboard (MDF) center to make a good countertop surface.

Countertops can be found in stock pieces which may be trimmed and fit by anybody, or they may be custom-made by fabricators that can earn a counter to your specifications by some designer laminate, providing it habit borders along with other designer features.


  • Laminates are a really affordable counter material.
  • A massive array of shades and patterns can be obtained.
  • Granite countertops are extremely favorable to DIY setup.


  • Customized designs aren’t DIY-friendly, requiring a custom fabricator.
  • Laminate countertops are lightweight, with no large”heft” of different substances.
  • Laminate is often considered a deal, low-cost substance.

Purchased off the shelf, prefabricated laminate counter material prices $10 to $30 per square foot. Custom produced by a fabricator, expect to pay $40 to $65 per square foot.

Laminate countertops are perfect for guest bathrooms or powder rooms however aren’t the ideal option for master bathrooms or other areas where fashion is critical.

They can also function as a”quick fix” in which you want to redecorate a toilet quickly, like when staging your home for sale.


This engineered substance is a combination of quartz and other stone mixed with resins and pigments to make an assortment of styles that could look like natural rock.

But unlike rock slabs, quartz countertops are more durable and require less upkeep; they do not have to be sealed. Quartz experts our abrasion and heating evaluations and scores an excellent rating for resisting stains.


Over the centuries that the gracefulness of marble was associated with wealth and privilege. With time, using its improvements in production, this gorgeous rock has become less expensive. It comes in several versions, even though it’s typically white with traces of grey. This is extremely different in the Ikea bath countertops, Kohler sinks, or the house depot vanity tops. That is the reason why it is important to pick your bathroom sinks.


  • Long-lasting. It is strong and can withstand most chips and dents
  • It may be polished if you prefer a high gloss finish or it can even be given a casual matte finish
  • It goes with Virtually Every style


  • It’s on the pricey side
  • The porous nature of the rock makes it vulnerable to scratches, stains, and etching from acidic chemicals
  • Needs to be sealed occasionally to Protect the end

Cost: High

Care: Do not use any cleaning solution that’s acidic or comprises lemon juice. Mix dish soap solution with water and squirt on the marble countertops. Wipe the counter using a sexy warm, dishcloth.

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Ceramic, ceramic, or ceramic tiles are conventional countertop materials frequently seen in traditional decoration, but they’re also utilized in stylish, modern fashions because of recent inventions, particularly with porcelains.

Traditional ceramic tiles are made from clay using a coating glaze; they’re warmed by flame to harden them. Porcelain is a sort of ceramic which features fine clay fired under high temperatures.

Porcelain is a harder and thicker substance that’s excellent for countertops and floors. Porcelain can mimic different substances, such as timber as well as leather, providing you with lots of design choices.

Although glass tiles aren’t technically plaster, they’re set up in much the exact same manner as ceramic tile and extend more layout and design choices.


  • Installing ceramic tile is a somewhat simple DIY project.
  • Tile is comparatively affordable among the”premium” countertop choices.
  • Hundreds of design alternatives are available.


  • Tile is brittle and might crack under effect.
  • Grout lines can quickly stain and discolor, necessitating regular cleaning and resealing.

Ceramic and ceramic tiles come in a vast assortment of prices, with substances independently operating from less than a dollar a square foot to $200 or even more to get hand-crafted artisan tiles. Generally, expect to pay $2 to $15 per square foot if you’re installing your tile counter. For professional installation, prices are usually about $35 to $40 per square foot.

Ceramic and ceramic tiles are a fantastic choice in which you wish to spend less on an excellent countertop by doing the job yourself.

Ultracompact (Dekton)

Ultracompact countertops, popularly known by the brand name Dekton, are produced from a mix of ceramic, quartz, and glass. Different surface colors and pigments can produce the countertop seem like concrete or stone. In our tests, this relative newcomer (introduced in 2013) resists damage from stains and heat, making Excellent scores in these evaluations.

Additionally, it is a difficult surface that holds up in our abrasion test, scoring an excellent score. The sole test Dekton does not fare well within is our punishing influence evaluation, which simulates a heavy object falling from a plate 2 feet over the counter.

The sample we used cracked in 2, the sole countertop material to do this within our evaluations. However, Dekton ought to be OK for a toilet, where you are unlikely to accidentally fall, say, a heavy kettle.


Travertine is a luxurious-looking all-natural rock that comes from a wide assortment of colors and contains ornamental stripes that are much like marble. It’s inexpensive compared to granite and marble.

Exactly as with other stones, travertine has to be sealed. It’s available in 4 finishes: polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled. The polished finish provides a shiny lustrous look and is the ideal choice provided that it’s been sealed.


  • Has a high-end designer appearance
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Travertine has a creamy charm that gives the toilet a warm texture
  • Available with integral sinks or using different undermount sinks Also


  • Travertine is highly responsive to acids
  • They Have to Be polished and protected from time-to-time
  • Any spellings need to be washed immediately, or even they could cause stains

Price: Moderate

Highlight: It seems much like marble but prices much lesser.

Care: Clean up quickly after anything drains. Alkaline-based cleaning agents should be employed to wash the counter.


Produced from a combination of polyester and acrylic particles bonded with resins, solid surface countertop materials are usually formulated to resemble rock and may be molded into many different shapes, such as all-in-one countertops with sink basins incorporated into them.

Dozens of unique colors and designs are available from a number of manufacturers, such as Corian, Silestone, Swanstone, along with many others. These newer production” artificial stone” countertops have mostly altered the so-called”cultured marble” vinyl countertops that ruled the bathroom countertop marketplace.

Once considered as a superior construction material, solid-surface currently occupies a middle tier between the laminate in the end, and natural rock and quartz in the top end.

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  • The solid-surface substance could be molded to seamless countertops which comprise integrated sink basins.
  • The substance is easy to take care of, resists stains, and can be readily fixed by sanding.
  • Coloring and routine Are Extremely consistent–There are No problem fitting pieces


  • Even the”stone-look” look is slightly artificial–the appearance is not as tasteful as natural rock.
  • There’s absolutely no DIY alternative –solid coating materials aren’t readily available for sale to homeowners.
  • The solid-surface substance can scorch beneath the heat of curling irons.

Solid surface materials usually cost $45 to $75 per square foot, fabricated and installed to your specifications. These countertops are all excellent in heavy-use baths, like the ones utilized by kids. They may also be a fantastic choice in which you would like a fast remedy to decorate a toilet in prep for a house sale.


A glass vanity countertop or a glass bath countertop provides the room a modern flair. Glass is more stylish, durable and the surface is easy to wash. It does not possess a porous surface, so it does not require sealing.


  • Sleek designer appearance
  • Stain-resistant. It is easy to clean and keep
  • Not sensitive to substances unlike other counter materials
  • It may be customized to Get tints and textures
  • Available with integrated sinks


  • Glass countertops could be costlier than other countertop choices determined by the design and level of customization
  • Fingerprints are easily observable
  • Despite being generally durable, it may crack and chip if there is a Possible hazard
  • It is not scratch resistant

Cost: Cheap compared to other countertops

Highlight: it is very easy to wash.

Care: Use either normal glass cleaner or water and vinegar and wash the countertop using a soft fabric.

Recycled and Composite

Composite and recycled countertops are made from reused and recycled paper and glass which are mixed with resins or even some sort of cement.

The substances are all fused together to produce slabs and sheets which may be cut into shapes. These countertops include a smooth, hard surface that is appealing and provides your bathroom an eco-friendly vibe. In the same way, there’s also vitreous China alternatives which you may test out.


  • The pros Are Extremely like granite countertops
  • Tough, durable surface
  • Eco-friendly
  • Offered in a Wide Selection of colors and a few fabrications also allow space for custom colors


  • Availability may be restricted for specific substances
  • Particular cement-based composite materials require to be sealed
  • Long-term durability remains unknown for some fresh substances as They’ve entered the Industry quite recently

Price: Inexpensive compared to other toilet countertop materials

Highlight: A Nice and inexpensive way to make your toilet contribute to an eco-friendly home

Does Your Home Need A Home Warranty?

As a homeowner, even as you’re busy saving for a renovation or an update, as an instance, if you are changing your bathroom countertop, then you are going to want to get rid of the chance of additional expenses.

Paying the entire sum to replace a house machine or appliance amidst a renovation can be difficult on almost any homeowner’s pocket. On some occasions, you might wonder why you would like to reinvest into a toilet sinks when you are able to go about heavy cleaning your bathroom and appreciating the results of your hard work.

A home warranty coverage covers the cost of replacements and repairs of home appliances and systems which occur as a result of routine wear and tear. Say your coated dishwasher breaks down and it can’t be mended, the home warranty company would replace the appliance. But, there are particular caps, so it is vital to understand some things before you put money into a house warranty policy.

Aside from the price of the coverage, you’re also required to cover a service call charge or the deductible. The cost varies from $50 to $125 based on the expense of the coverage. In the event the premium paid is large, then the price of the deductible is reduced and vice versa.

You will find great home warranty policies that cost $350+ annually. Nonetheless, your countertop isn’t something which’s covered by a house warranty coverage. If you’re not certain whether it’s well worth investing in a house warranty coverage for your house, you may use the home maintenance calculator that will assist you with the choice.

The Home Maintenance Calculator requires one to input some information such as the era of the house, age of these appliances, and also the number of repairs each year. On the basis of this, it estimates that the cost of repairs and upkeep of the house and consequently indicates home warranty policies to match your expenses.

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