Top 18 Best Bathtub Cleaner Brands In 2023

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If you like a relaxing soak in the Best Bathtub Cleaner filled with warm water and bath salts after a very long day or a bracing cold shower for moving in the morning, then something which makes it simpler is a fresh tub.

Soap residue, moisture, and too little light and airflow provide the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew, leaving behind an unpleasant bathtub to check at. With mothered two sons, Heylovedesigns has seen some pretty filthy bathtubs, and throughout time, my boys and I’ve examined dozens of different formulas and cleansers.

Just like the majority of chores, somewhat daily care can make the cleanup process a lot simpler. A quick wash down with a towel or squeegee after each use can help prevent water stains and soap scum build-up. Employing a toilet fan (if there’s one) and making certain the shower curtain is not left unattended up will also decrease moisture that results in mold development.

That having been said, occasionally only a deep-clean is going to do, which explains why I’ve piled up the products I have come to rely on for creating my tub look brand-new. As I compiled this list, I took into consideration cost, simplicity of usage, and, above all, cleaning functionality.

Reviews Top 18 Best Bathtub Cleaner of all 2020


Reviews Top 18 Best Bathtub Cleaner of all 2020

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

I’ve tried each the spray-on cleansers that promise to keep you out of needing to wash the bathtub. I really don’t know whether our tubs tend to be dirtier than everybody else but I wind up needing to do a little scrubbing to make them completely blank. Therefore, when Mr. Clean introduced the Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber, it turned into my go-to since it unites a scrubber and cleaner in one.

All I need to do is wet the melamine sponge to trigger the foaming cleansing agents and cut through soap scum and dirt. The sponge is approximately 30% bigger than the original Mr. Clean Eraser therefore it is large enough to wash both a tub and the surrounding tile or fiberglass.

Even the”scrubber” from the title is a result of the sponge’s textured surface which will help cut through the build-up, also while the cleanup formula is very strong, it will not harm grout. The sponge can be scented with Febreze, therefore it is going to leave behind a new odor.

When the cleanup is completed, I wash the bathtub and toss the worn down eraser. No muss, no fuss for the weekly tub cleaning routine.

Pros: Blend scrubbing pad and foam cleaner, cuts through soap scum and hard water stains, activated with only plain water, easy to use

Cons: can’t be used on acrylic bathtubs; when the bathtub is extremely filthy, it might need two erasers to make it blank

See also: More details of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

Best for Hard Water: Bio-Clean Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover (20oz Big )

Hard water can be difficult on bathtubs, leaving the build-up and stains, and which means you want a tough cleaner such as Bioclean to look after it. It is formulated particularly for hard water problems, including rust, mold, and mold, and promises to take out stains that have been there for lengthy intervals. As hard as it’s on dirt, nevertheless, it is biodegradable and easy on the environment.

You are able to use it outside your tub also, anyplace out of your car to an own pool and kitchen countertops. If it does not depart from your surfaces looking like new, there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee for the first 60 days after you buy it.

Clients are daunted by this cleanser, with countless leaving positive testimonials saying it functions like no other. They love that it is nontoxic and state it leaves a clean, refreshing smell as opposed to a hefty compound one like any cleaners.

Clorox Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover (Pack of 2 )

For the fastest, surest tidy, the Clorox Plus Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover were the very potent tub cleaner of our evaluation. Our tester sprayed on her bathtub and tiles onto it and allow the bleach-enhanced formulation to sit 5 minutes before scrubbing down everything. Although this product has an extremely strong odor, it functioned as an effective freezer — just as it needs to.

“I would recommend this product as it worked! I needed to wash rather rigorously for my white bathtub to glow. The grout and tiles, nevertheless, only wanted a mild scrubbing. This product includes bleach so that it’s more powerful than my average non-bleach or popcorn products. And even though I do not love the smell, it will make me feel as though my tub is extra clean”

— Bridget Clegg, artwork production director

CLR Pro Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover

I was raised on a farm with a well and our water was full of minerals which left streaks of color throughout the tub. However difficult we scrubbed, the residue lingered, particularly around the bathtub drain. After we found CLR Pro Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover and also did a little scrubbing, we eventually found a white tub.

Hard water can include trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminum, and manganese which could be trapped and stain or etch surfaces, also, sometimes, block water flow.

In the very first indication of problems, utilizing CLR can help cut through the residue and tear build-up from vinyl, ceramic, metal, and fiberglass. You just mix equal portions of CLR and warm water and use it to the stained areas with a brush or sponge.

I love to let it”soak” for a few minutes then wipe or wash off the stains. When the spots have been around for quite a while, it might take a full-strength CLR and repeated treatments. But always read the product instructions and make sure the area is well-ventilated.

In addition, I use CLR to purge shower heads and taps. I put a few CLR and warm water in a plastic bag and tape to the clogged fixture, then let it boil immediately and give the fixture a fast scrub the morning after. You will be astounded at how much more water pressure you unexpectedly have.

It might appear excessive to buy a one-gallon jar, but if you reside in a place with hard water, then you are going to need it.

Pros: Cuts through tough water discoloration and stains from magnesium and rust, Simple to Use, certified by the US EPA as a Safer Choice product

Cons: Option is acidic and may damage wood, background, and a few surfaces; may not be blended with other cleaners

Best for Soft Water: The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Remover

Soft water might be a little easier on bathtubs, however, you still need a cleaner which can endure to stains and dirt. This one from The Bucko is up to this occupation.

As soon as it’s non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals, it is tough enough to carry rings out around your bathtub and other spots. You probably won’t even have to do any scrubbing since most jobs just need that you simply spray it, let it sit a couple of minutes, then wipe out the gunk away.

You are able to use it outside your toilet to wash your kitchen, automobiles, outdoor furniture, and much more, therefore it is a fantastic all-around cleaner. Simply do not use it on wood, painted surfaces, natural marble, stone, brass, or colored grout.

Customers rave about this product, as well as the before-and-after images of showers and showers posted by people who have employed it are remarkable. They say that it leaves their bathtubs and showers looking new, and they can not think how long and effort it can take to see leading outcomes.

Microban 24 Bathroom Cleaner and Sanitizing Spray

Microban 24 is a new-to-the-market sanitizing and disinfecting tub cleaner that kills up to 99.9percent of germs and retains surfaces bacteria-free for as much as 24 hours. Its formulation creates a bacteria-fighting coating that binds into a sprayed-down surface if it’s made to dry thoroughly. It is a powerful cleaner that does have a smell, although our tester did not mind it one little bit.

“This cleaner has been super powerful and I would definitely suggest it. I sprayed it in my bathtub and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then I managed to wash away the dirt and dirt fairly readily. I needed to put some effort into scrubbing but did not feel as though I needed to put any more effort instead of with my average bleach-based cleaner. So far as strength, this cleaner will lean stronger than soft.

“Additionally, I loved the smell! Very cognizant, but not overpowering. It was the type of odor that lasted for a shower or two, which I enjoyed because it made me feel as though my bathtub was staying clean” — Erica Murphy, manager of SEO and articles

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber.

There are just two reasons I purchased a Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber for the residence. One, the strength of my young knees was severely waning. And two, my sons enjoyed having a”power tool” to perform the cleaning. I will spray some cleaner at the bathtub and they could wash off without needing to utilize much arm electricity.

The scrubber comes outfitted with a 21-inch extendable handle and four brush heads which will rotate and match several tub configurations.

It’s cordless and powered with a rechargeable battery which runs for up to 90 minutes following 3 and a half an hour of charging. Replaceable brush heads are all available should you want them, and that you may after finding that there are scores of strategies to utilize the scrubber on shower walls, kitchen, and bathroom flooring, as well as outdoor in your balcony or patio.

The only drawback to this scrubber is your first cost. But, it will have a 12-month guarantee plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pros: Easy to use, four brush heads fit many Kinds of bathtubs, rechargeable batteries, sturdy, 12-month guarantee, and money-back guarantee

Cons: High initial cost, necessitates additional tub cleaning product

Best for Mold: RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover

If it comes to mold, you would like a cleaner that does not mess around like this RMR-86 Immediate masonry Stain & Mildew Stain Remover. It claims to eliminate stains in 15 seconds flat without the need for scrubbing countless clients say that it lives up to this promise. The bleach-based formulation works on many surfaces, such as fiberglass, grout, tile, and timber, but it should not be used on the alloy.

Clients are wowed by the results also can not believe how fast it works. Some warning that the odor is powerful and maybe overpowering in the event that you do not ventilate the region where you are working. Most, however, say that this cleaner can not be overcome when it comes to melting mold away.

Bar Keepers Buddy Soft Cleanser (Pack of 2 )

Bar Keepers Friend is an oxalic-acid-based cleaning solution that’s bleach-free, chlorine-free, and also biodegradable. In addition, it is flexible enough to work with on many different surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and stovetops, which makes it appeal to people who prefer to use exactly the identical product in numerous regions of the house. Although you should restrict skin contact with this particular acidic solution, it’s a wonderful balance of soft and effective.

“I’d advocate Bar Keepers Friend for a bath cleaner for ceramic tiles and tile. I allow the formulation to sit the trickiest crevices of my grout before scrubbing, and the acidity did a very fantastic job of dividing the dirt. Additionally, it dislodged residual hair dye which has been stuck into the walls without needing to use a good deal of work scrubbing in any way. It left my tiles really white like they had been bleached.

“Regrettably, because my bathtub is really plastic, this option demanded more scrubbing on the vinyl than it did on the tiles, but it did leave it looking considerably skinnier. And that I could not detect any powerful, discernible odor! I enjoy that it is no-frills and this tub cleaner does not include any filler additives, additives, or odor.” — Melanie Yates, senior house decor editor

Whink Hair Clog Blaster

Among the most frequent bathtub problems is that a clogged drain. When that mess of hair, soap scum, and pulp residue creates a bulge that just will not proceed together, water stands at the bathtub and supplies dirt plenty of time to settle in. Fortunately, Whink Hair Clog Blaster simplifies the Problem quickly.

When is a liquid drain opener that includes sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium metasilicate, and altered amine oxide which will cut directly through the clog. This is a strong cleanser, so security measures should be taken to reduce skin and eye damage — browse through the directions carefully.

The product may be used even when there is standing water from the bathtub or sink. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and do your very best to gradually pour a cup of it straight down the drain to reduce splashing and damaging different surfaces — or worse, your own skin. Then wait a minimum of 30 minutes and then flush the drain with hot water.

When used properly, Whink Hair Clog Blaster is secure for plumbing and septic systems. If it does not work the first time, let it sit at the drain for many hours or overnight before flushing, even although I propose to always read the instructions for these particular use cases.

Pros: Cuts through hair clogs in bathtubs readily, less costly than other drain openers

Cons: Strong chemicals that may be harmful if not managed properly, Shouldn’t Be used for dirt clogs, restricted supply in mass-market stores

Best for Soap Scum: Method Cleaning Products Bathroom Cleaner Tub + Tile Eucalyptus Mint Spray

No one wants to step foot in a bathtub that is coated in soap scum. If you’d like a cleaner to help you blast through it quickly, we urge that this one from Method.

Not only does this take out dirt and scum, but its own eucalyptus-mint odor leaves your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. The natural formulation is derived from crops so that it’s easy on the environment, however, it does not forfeit any difficult cleaning power.

Customers rave about this product, praising it for its refreshing odor and total effectiveness.

Lysol with Hydrogen Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Pack of 2 )

This store-bought cleaner out of Lysol is powered with hydrogen peroxide rather than bleach, which makes it a milder but no less powerful sanitizer. Our tester noted that it will not work quite too on stains since a number of the other tub cleaners did, therefore this might be a product that’s ideal to weekly spiff-ups compared to the usual heavy clean.

“This cleaner resurrected my tiles into what they ought to be: shiny white and ceramic grout rather than gloomy and gross. It works wonders, however, you need to devote to placing elbow grease to it. I used an abrasive cleaning brush and I’d have gotten nowhere had I simply employed a cleaning towel to wash up.

“But, the odor was a massive turnoff — the citrus odor traveled throughout the entire flat and I do not love exposing my pets into that. I would not use this cleaner promptly before drawing a tub. Definitely be certain that you thoroughly rinse it .” — Kayla Ramsey, visuals editor & photographer

Best Spray: Jelmar PB-BK-2000 CLR Fresh Scent Bath and Kitchen Cleaner

Spray cleaners are simple to use, which explains the reason they’re in heavy rotation in the majority of cleaning cabinets. Only spray this cleaner onto the surface of the bathtub and wipe out soap scum, grime, rust hard water residue, and virtually anything else that is accumulated on your bathtub.

You may even use it in your kitchen, too! The biodegradable formula does not contain any ammonia or bleach, and it satisfies the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Product standards.

Clients say that this cleaner is amazingly powerful, especially on hard water stains. While a few are not lovers of this odor, others opinion that it is fine and refreshing.

Blueland Bathroom Starter Sets

Blueland is a direct-to-consumer cleaning manufacturer which found in 2019 with the assignment to possess the tiniest carbon footprint potential by eschewing harsh chemicals and disposable plastic bottles. Their cleaning kits, which protect the whole residence, include durable acrylic bottles and dissolvable, focused cleaning pills that consumers combine up with water out of their own sink.

The components listing of the Blueland toilet cleaner comprises both artificial and natural ingredients, most importantly, uric acid and sodium lauryl sulfate, which function to eat away at the dirt.

“I would give it a strong six from 10. It will efficiently wash, but if you prefer things to actually shine I believe that you are going to be let down. I had to use quite a lot of elbow grease to eliminate dirt from my bathroom sink, bathtub, and shower.

I didn’t need to utilize too much effort when wiping surfaces such as my toilet countertop or the ledge of the bathtub where dust tends to settle, and it did function well at cleaning my mirrored stainless steel faucet and handles.

“The fact it is nontoxic and helps reduce VOCs from becoming trapped inside my little living area is unquestionably a fantastic thing. As is the fact that Blueland is doing their part in getting people to use plastic.

But it left behind a few toothpaste residues onto my drain, and it was not able to eliminate dried hair pomade out of my counter however hard I uttered.” — Brandon Carte, senior electronics editor

Best Foaming: Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol

If you want a cleaner that is going to cling to surfaces, then a foaming spray similar to that one from Scrubbing Bubbles is a good option. Formulated to carry on mold, mildew, and soap scum, it is safe to use on surfaces apart from your bathtub. Those small bubbles may get in all the nooks and crannies, leaving each surface shiny and clean.

It is offered in 2 scents–rain showers and citrus–which both leave your toilet smelling fresh and bright. To use, just spray it on, await the bubbles to perform their job, then wash or rinse clean. Scrubbing Bubbles is a trustworthy toilet cleaner for many years, and clients say it is everything they need in a cleaner and much more.

Grove Collaborative Tub & Tile Cleaning Concentrate (Package of 2 )

Grove Collaborative provides lots of affordable cleaning centers on surfaces in the house which are thought to be diluted in a spray bottle with regular tap water before using. Their Tub & Tile Cleaning Concentrate contains mainly plant-derived ingredients using no additives or dyes.

While it is done well for a mild tub cleaning, our tester had difficulty with trickier areas like grout and stuck-on dirt, and she did not adore the smell.

“This bath cleaner highlights major points for its eco-friendliness. For an all-natural cleaner created without any harsh chemicals, I had been pleased with the potency of the product. In cleaning the soap and shampoo residue on my tiled shower partitions, this particular product was exceptionally capable of eliminating those milder levels of grime and product buildup.

For tile grout and thicker soap scum on my bathroom floor, it required several uses of the product to eliminate those stains, making me believe this may not be durable enough for much more substantial toilet dirt.

“I anticipated to also adore the essential oil-based orange and Rosemary odor, but sadly this cleaner needed a little odd citric acid odor which I did not automatically correlate with cleanliness. It smells nontoxic and natural, for certain, but not squeaky clean” — Danielle St. Pierre, senior food/drink editor

Best Natural: Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

When some cleaners can pack a potent punch to get rid of soap scum and dirt, they are also packed with substances you do not want around your loved ones. This cleaner out of Puracy, however, is natural and nontoxic, but it still cleans like a dream. In reality, it was created by a group of physicians.

As soon as it’s particularly good at maintaining your bathtub in tip-top shape, it is a fantastic general cleaner that can be used on many surfaces, from the hardwood flooring to your own kitchen countertops and outside.

It has received a lot of awards, including being called”The ideal All-Purpose Cleaner” from The New York Times, and clients sing its praises too. They say it is gentle and powerful, and they find themselves reaching it over and over again.

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Our closing cleaner of the evaluation was a DIY solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, which had been spritzed on a bath covered with baking soda, resulting in a fizzy response which eventually becomes a paste.

So far as affordable, eco-friendly approaches go, this tub cleaner surely takes the cake, and it is exceptionally affable — consumers may also improve the vinegar solution using castile soap, Dawn dish soap, or hydrogen peroxide to get an excess cleaning increase.

But, our tester found this is the least effective deep-cleaning way of this crowd. As a mild cleanser, it functioned on mildly cluttered tiles, but it was not a powerful stain remover in any respect.

“Frankly, this was not powerful! I discovered that I had to use quite a lot of elbow grease to find any results. I had some success cleaning my bathtub walls, fixtures, and tiles with this option, but discovered it touched stubborn tile grout, even after cleaning. Although this DIY bath cleaner was certainly simple enough to throw together, I think ultimately this is a couple of steps too many for many contemporary families pinched for a while. I probably wouldn’t suggest it to other people based on the lingering vinegar odor and general time that it took to finish this entire process.”

— Danielle St. Pierre, senior food/drink editor

The Way to Protect Against the Dirt on your Bathtub

To Be Able to Be Certain that next time that your tub will be pristine, there are some simple Actions to do:

Each time you complete the tub or shower, then leave the drape or open, to allow all of the water to evaporate.

One or more times each week, utilize the most effective acrylic tub cleaner or a cleaner that matches your surfaces and also do a fantastic wipe down.

Make sure to always clean the grout or the caulk. These regions have the majority of the problems and therefore are coated by mildew and mold.

At least 2 times each month, in the event you don’t understand how to wash a fiberglass tub, simply offer a great scrubbing with a fantastic cleaner from down our list below.

Buying Guide — How to Pick the Ideal Bathtub Cleaner?

Do not understand how to decide on the very best toilet cleaning tools as well as the cleansers which can assist you in this process? Fortunately for you, there are few Actions to consider in the process of clever buying:

Kinds of Bathtub

You will find bathtubs of all dimensions and materials. 1 product can’t suit all of the materials bathtubs are made from. For example, one cleaner may be safe to wash out the porcelain, while some can damage the oil bathtub. Here’s the listing of the most Well-known substances:

Acrylic: this bath is constructed from fiberglass-reinforced acrylic material. These tubs are affordable and long-lasting. Plus they are also the most popular after.

But they’re sort sensitive, can scratch and specific substances from the cleaning product might harm them.

Fiberglass: manufactured from layers, this bathtub is remarkably popular with consumers due to their durability and durability.

Porcelain: the ceramic tubs are made from layers of metal and they’re also coated in ceramic enamel. They’re long-lasting and simple to wash. However they could chip easily, and this in time will result in rust.

Cast iron: All these bathtubs are made from molded iron and they’re well coated with enamel. This tub is quite heavy however durable and will withstand all of the chipping and scratches.

As soon as you understand every form of tub material, do not neglect to read about the description of every cleaner you’re using to your bathtub. Always select a product that respects these facets:


Your health is the most important above all else. Never use a tub cleaner which includes a choking odor, but constantly try to find a pleasant scent. This important facet will improve the picture of the area you’re cleaning.


Examine the Purchase Price. In our listing, we’ve comprised a listing of products at various rates. Therefore, we suggest that you buy a product which fits your budget and your requirements.


You should start looking for a bath cleaner which includes a guarantee. Additionally, you may start looking for a top brand which has a fantastic reputation so that you won’t discover some problems while the time moves.

At precisely the exact same time, you may use some excellent testimonials, like this one, to create an opinion about potential purchases.


Purchase a product that isn’t just very commercial but includes exceptional abilities. It is possible to count on unique testimonials and have the very best insights.

Ability to Eliminate the Stains

Not all of the tub cleaners are extremely effective in removing certain stains and stains. Ensure they are doing exactly what the package states.

Quantity Required

It will not make any sense to pour the entire bottle so it’s possible to wash out the tub only 1 time. Cleaners that need over a spray which weighs 2-4 oz per wash don’t deserve your attention.


In their sake to make their product work on challenging spots, many businesses include a lot of harmful substances in their products. These bleaching agents have to be avoided, rather than, they’ll be quite bad for our body. Choose naturally based formulas and plant-based products.


It’s excellent for a product to wash not just the tub but also be helpful for a number of different surfaces. Spend your money wisely and utilize the product for different functions.


The way to wash an acrylic tub?

To be able to clean the acrylic bathtub, you may use many all-natural products, like lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. However, you might also purchase some business cleansers, specially created for acrylic bathtubs. Always remember to wash also the tile place over the acrylic bathtub.

What’s the most powerful cleaner to the bathtubs?

The Home Armor is your most powerful tub cleaner on this listing. It’s made for large regions and cleans fast and professionally the surfaces you’re interested in.

The way to clean a tub with baking soda?

If you would like to wash out the tub with baking soda, then you simply have to sprinkle a few on each surface you locate as filthy, then add hot water. The mix will produce some bubbles. After a few moments, begin scrubbing. When the stains are old and obstinate, combine the baking soda with lemon or vinegar or ammonia.

Which is the quickest way to wash a filthy bathtub?

The fastest and safest method of cleaning the tub is having a natural cleaning product and follow a few easy steps:

Spray the solution in your stains and then leave it for 15 minutes

Wipe everything using a microfiber cloth or sponge

Scrubbing The bathtub. The way to do it nicely?

A few of the products on our record don’t require scrubbing. But sometimes, removing old spots can be a bothersome job. Before beginning to wash the tub, be sure to check the tag or perform a check on a place. Always protect your hands by wearing gloves.

The way to polish an oil tub?

You simply have to employ some polishing compound and water utilizing a soft sterile cloth. Then begin rubbing in a circular movement to buff and polish all of the areas.

Last Ideas

Cleaning the tub could be a very frustrating endeavor. Especially, in case you must do it all day long. Consequently, the very best bathtub cleaners over will facilitate your job a good deal! These powerful products need minimum elbow grease and will abandon the entire bathroom really pristine.

Now, tell me, how are you cleaning the tub? You may discuss your ideas or tips and techniques from the remarks below.

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