Top 16 Best Bed Frames Brands In 2023

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Discovering the proper mattress may take some time and consideration. But anybody who’s shopped for the Best Bed Frames to place said mattress (and sheets) on understands that process might take as much work.

For such a big and visible object of furniture, there are a couple of considerations to make. Would you rather have a minimalist platform bed frame or tufted one? What with a canopy, or an iron framework?

Some bed frames come with built-in storage — could underbed or nightstands better match your own space? To assist you to discover the mattress frame of your fantasies (after all, you invest a third of your life in bed), we tapped 13 interior designers to get their selections.

Below, Heylovedesigns has piled up 23 of their preferred mattress frames — a lot of that cost $1,000 or less, and almost all of that is significantly less than $1,400 (except for a slightly more expensive framework having a sale price which seemed too good to not include). To keep things easy, we have recorded starting costs for queen-size frames (although all come in different sizes).

Reviews Top 16 Best Bed Frames

Reviews Top 16 Best Bed Frames

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Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed Frame

The Zinus Lottie Bed Frame is obviously easy with a traditional design that we can not find going out of fashion anytime soon. The gentle square-stitched dark grey upholstery provides a soft-to-the-touch design aesthetic to the handsome bit. It is an all-around high quality, timelessly designed mattress frame.

As a cost saver, the headboard, frame, and ten timber slats which encourage the mattress are contained in the purchase price. All bought components, for example, frame, legs, and wooden slats conveniently inserted in the headframe and so are sent that way too.

It is offered in twin, queen, full, and king sizes. The king-size frame stands 14 inches away from the floor, providing additional storage area. In different dimensions, the framework is eight inches off the floor.

The Zinus Lottie is showcased on MattressPicks in which it features a 5 from the 5-star score. Users frequently comment that the mattress frame would be well worth the cash, sturdy, simple to establish, and clearly quiet.

All in all, the Zinus is a bed frame that may blend softly into the backdrop of a brassy bedroom or maintain its own as the centerpiece of an otherwise neutral room.

The sturdiness and effortless installation are two big plusses for this particular category of products particularly, along with the powerful mattress support and gentle upholstery match each other, making a general high-quality bed framework we can not help but urge.

Pros: Very hardy, helps your mattress last longer, simple assembly, Affordable cost, footboard alternative, flexible style

Cons: Heart of the mattress support Might Not Be the best, sending issues result in broken parts somewhat too frequently

Andover Mills Evie Platform Bed (Full)

You can not get more compact, or laid-back, compared to the usual platform bed frame. They possess the weakest profile and need merely a mattress (no box springs ).

This one comes recommended by Decorilla design specialist Devin Shaffer, who enjoys that it is constructed from engineered timber, and produced from Athens, Georgia –“so it’s going to endure the test of time,” he states.

Shaffer also enjoys this framework since it’s”a cost point for virtually any funding” as well as folds in half for easy, compact storage. Additionally, its curved edges give the framework a softer appearance than your regular boxy platform mattress.

And since it is unfinished, it is simple to paint or stain it all on your own. (This is presently sold out from the queen size but can be found in different sizes)

CB2 Straightforward Black Metal Bed Base

Best for: People who need a low-profile frame that will last for decades and that will not readily move around or creak, however restless the sleeper (or just how vigorous the nocturnal action ).

Why it’s good:

The CB2 Straightforward Black Metal Bed Base includes a sturdy frame that is easy to build and a non (9 inches tall), minimalist design which should look good in almost any size or style bedroom, especially those with low ceilings. The matte black, all-iron frame lives up to its title, forgoing any extraneous detail in favor of fresh lines.

The powder coat is thicker and much more scratch-resistant compared to the end on any other mattress we urge, along with the framework that appears distinctive and high-end, compared to lots of funding beds we considered (the majority of which were timber ).

And in the event that you then decide you would like to bring a headboard, CB2 sells much different upholstered woods, and metal headboards particularly designed to attach to the framework, which is excellent if you prefer to regularly change your decor. No additional framework we analyzed offered so many choices.

The CB2 has been the easiest mattress frame to build. With just eight chief elements, it had fewer components to maintain track of compared to other, more complex beds we analyzed.

Piecing together the framework took approximately just 40 minutes, but the CB2 was also the lightest mattress we constructed (so consider skipping arm afternoon in the fitness center post-assembly). However, this army of one managed to maneuver each piece into position without needing too much perspiration.

The CB2 frame demanded just eight bolts to piece it together (it arrived with a hex wrench to assist ) and an extra 16 bolts to fasten the pliers on the framework and the middle beam.

Fourteen 2-inch-wide, 3/4-inch-thick pine slats are attached to yarn strips, plus they unfurled like a rope ladder, so which makes them somewhat easier to handle compared to many individual bits on several additional beds. And of those 3 beds we urge, the CB2 had the least space (two 1/2 inches) between the slats, making for quite a sturdy build.

The final mattress is a comfortable, quiet, and incredibly secure stage for the majority of mattresses, with equally dispersed slat service –we did not feel any lumps or drops while resting at the top.

The framework’s fat (107 pounds to get a queen) and very low posture imply this version won’t slip around easily when you are getting in and out of bed or changing places, therefore squeaks and creaks are kept to a minimal. Altogether, the CB2 framework ought to bring out the very best qualities of just about any mattress.

Flaws but maybe not dealbreakers:

The priciest of our three selections, the queen-size CB2 was about our cost cap, however, if you’re trying to find a bigger mattress, know the king variation was 350 at the time of composing. The framework was also quite heavy to move, whether constructed or in pieces. And also our sample was lacking a washer (the only example of a lost component out of all of the versions we purchased for testing).

That did not prevent us from putting the bed together, but with no washer, there is a greater chance that the framework could loosen over time. Make sure you inspect all hardware prior to the meeting (something we suggest doing with almost any version).

Zinus Shawn 14-inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

If you do not have a bedroom room to waste, then a mattress frame that provides lots of under-bed storage is the thing to do. This Zinus Shawn Bed Frame does exactly that since it’s increased 14 inches away from the floor with 13 inches of clearance, which means it is simple to store moderate to big plastic bins full of the items that you do not require access to daily directly under the mattress.

It is available in most normal mattress dimensions and can be bought in your selection of a conventional bed frame, a mattress frame having a skirt, or in a deluxe version, which includes an updated design for strengthened equilibrium with t-shape leg construction along with a locking method.

The most popular option is your standard bed frame, which features a solid, durable steel frame, plus a distinctive folding design that makes it effortless to maneuver around as required. Unlike a few other versions, it’s easy to build in two bits.

The steel bed frame removes the requirement for a box spring and also can encourage spring, memory foam, latex, and hybrids. We like that it is a fairly normal 14-inch elevation, but if you would like more under-bed storage, Zinus also has this very comparable 18-inch mattress frame version.

There are not many bells and whistles for this particular bed frame, which means that you may attain a superb minimalist style or put in a chandelier of your option to jazz it up a little. It is even fairly basic in comparison to other mattress frames developed to provide under bed storage, and we believe that is really a fantastic thing.

While additional so-called storage mattress frames frequently have drawers which may be pulled out of either side or possess a compartment under the mattress which you may simply gain access by lifting up your mattress, the Zinus 14-inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame just provides free distance, thus you’re much less restricted by the dimensions of drawers or under bed pockets.

Some users do cite that particular mattresses, particularly memory foam versions, slide from it easily. Other people advocate purchasing a bed skirt to hide under bed storage.

See Also: Zinus Shawn 14-inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

Pros: Loads of under-bed storage, simple to assemble and clean, frame keeps things quiet, super-affordable cost point

Cons: Many mattresses may slide, no clear sign of how much weight it could hold

Nomad Plus Platform Bed

This platform bed is as straightforward as the 1 above but does not fold. It’s recommended by Tze Chun, the creator of Uprise Art, that has one in her guest room at her home upstate.

She likes the way the poplar wood is strong but mild, and that the framework has an unfinished appearance and curved corners. “To get a super-affordable mattress frame, the slat spacing is fairly tight, so it has lots of support for spring or foam beds,” Chun adds. “It’s a minimalist Scandinavian appearance to it being Ikea.”

KD Frames Nomad Plus Platform Bed

Best for: People who desire a sturdy bed frame and DIY enthusiasts who need the option of personalizing the wood to match almost any fashion.

Why it’s good:

The poplar hardwood KD Frames Nomad Plus Platform Bed is customizable (if you are available to DIY) and among the most powerful wood bed frames we discovered –it could hold up to 600 lbs. That is probably a conservative figure considering the Nomad Plus features two sets of pliers that form something like a rib cage.

Not one of the other frames we analyzed provided this weight-bearing design, though all our selections were almost as powerful (the timber Zinus we urge below is rated for up to 500 lbs ). The KD Frames mattress had just two seats compared to other frames, for a total of 16 beefy, 2-by-1-inch hardwood boards.

Between every piece, there is only a 2.8-inch gap (next only to the CB2 framework’s 2.5-inch length ), which leads to the mattress’s strength. Add those up specifications and you have obtained a 68-pound platform bed frame that former Wirecutter tester Kevin Purdy said may withstand”energetic jump-on and 190-pound body slams” with a certain indifference.

Due to its own weight, the Nomad Plus takes additional care and time to build than a lighter-weight softwood or veneer beds we attempted in this price class. Additionally, it means you should not feel some wiggle or wobble if you settle in bed.

The Nomad Plus sent with plenty of bits, although the directions were laid out and the meeting was simple, there were heaps more pliers, sides, and parts of hardware to keep tabs contrasted with our other selections.

The Nomad Plus is the only unfinished mattress frame we urge, and it is a fantastic selection for DIY fans who desire a personalized appearance. The blonde wood is fine by itself, but in addition, it takes to paint or stain nicely, giving you the option of personalizing your framework.

The simple silhouette also lends itself to anything imaginative design, you will produce. With no treatment, the framework over the years will patina marginally in direct sunshine.

This bed frame can be taller than every other framework we recommend: It is 15 inches high, with 111/2 inches of clearance. This usually means you are going to have a bit more storage space under it than with different beds we urge here, and KD Frames also offers a replacement pair of 18-inch thighs ($30), which will increase the clearance to 141/2 inches.

At the height, there is lots of space for storage containers, and it is a benefit for anybody seeking to make the most of the space below the mattress. For fitting under-bed storage, KD Frames sells rolling drawers that are outfitted with wheels for easy and effortless accessibility (and they operate together with all the Nomad).

Should you frequently sponsor guests and at times require room for a more, a Roll-Away Trundle Bed double framework adds an extra hideaway bed beneath.

Flaws although maybe not dealbreakers: The bare wood of the model is vulnerable to nicks, cuts, pencil marks, cat claws, along with other family representatives of destruction.

We have also discovered this framework’s accessibility to be somewhat inconsistent, however, the firm has at all times been communicative and fair about time, which explains the reason why we’ll continue to urge this mattress.

Reverie flexible base

When is your mattress over a mattress? When it is as effective at multitasking as you’re. When you’ve slept in a Reverie 9T Adjustable Foundation, it is very likely you’ll never leave it. That is because you’re able to correct the Reverie to any place you would like.

While I would not advise turning your bedroom in your house office, the Reverie makes it effortless to invest almost all day in 1 spot, but in numerous places. Trust me, I have (nearly ) performed it.

As a result of the remote-controlled adjustability, you can elevate your mind, toes, or both into an optimum position for sleeping, watching television, reading, or eliminating snoring. The remote control includes preset for Flat, Anti-Snore, and Zero Gravity, which involve bettering your legs way up at a position that I find perfect for comfort.

You will also have two additional programmable positions which you are able to set to whatever your unique preferences may be. The framework also features lumbar support, which may be corrected by levels to best fit your requirements.

If it comes to looks, the base boasts a slick design, along with the grey upholstery goes nicely with the slighter darker grey timber over the lower half. If you are into minimalist or modern decor, this can be an aesthetically pleasing bed.

One of my favorite facets of the Reverie is the fact that it features silent, 3D Wave massage treatment that comes in four waves as well as an astonishing 10 intensities. The majority of other beds offering built-in massage just offer a couple of waves and approximately five intensities. While it is not quite like using an in-house masseuse, it is pretty damn close.

In terms of the further technology components of the mattress, the Reverie boasts a distinctive charging pad which could charge compatible smartphones, while charging the corresponding distant through the built-in USB port. You could even program your mattress by means of a companion smartphone program, and as an extra bonus, there is an under the mattress LED nightlight to your midnight toilet breaks.

And should anything go wrong with your mattress, it will include a 20-year limited guarantee. — Lulu Chang

Pros: Length may be adjusted to any place, Fantastic massage abilities, charge your devices wirelessly or using the USB port

Cons: Expensive, a few reports of hard-to-reach customer support

Modway Furniture Modern Loryn Queen Bed Frame

If you are in the notion of an unfussy platform framework but need one with a bit more heft, try out this upholstered frame which Shaffer also urges.

The mid-century-modern–motivated style can also be made from wood and features tapered, splayed legs, letting it”match any space and almost all fashions,” Shaffer says. The framework’s wood slats imply you can just throw any sort of mattress in addition to foam comprised.

Adrienna Upholstered Platform Bed

To get a mid-century–motivated stage framework having a bit more detail, interior layout publicist Molly Schoneveld urges this one having an upholstered, button-tufted headboard. Made from rubberwood with tapered toes, it is”super trendy,” she states.

Casper framework and base

If you are just looking for a bed frame to find the task done, look no farther than the Casper base and frame mix. In my hunt for a convenient, simple to get, and above all, simple to establish a bed framework, I discovered just about none besides Casper.

While famous for being the first bed-in-a-box brand, Casper offers a great deal more than simply mattresses. Its base and framework mix are compatible not just with Casper’s very own mattresses but just about anything else that you throw along with it, also.

Made with solid timber, Casper claims that it”rigorously tested” its base for durability, and so far, I could say this is very apparent. Though other foundations I have slept on have appeared somewhat saggy, resulting in less than comfy mattresses, the Casper base is strong.

This is due partially to the fact that Casper carefully doled the pliers out in its own base. They are all four inches apart, which provides excellent support and prevents the above sagging difficulty. On top of that, the base can be assembled and disassembled in just minutes without using resources.

As you are able to use the base with no framework, you should probably invest at the reasonably priced metallic setup too. The framework is constructed with 100% recycled steel, and, provides another layer of service under your base. Like the base, it is quite simple to prepare and requires no additional tools. As soon as I obtained the entire set, I managed to sleep in my recently constructed bed within 15 minutes. The toughest part was probably dragging the extended sticks the stairs.

Aesthetically, this framework and base set is perfectly decent. Easily dressed up with a wonderful headboard, the installation will not draw any attention to itself. In the conclusion of the day, even if you’re trying to find a simple bed framework that will visit your doorstep hassle-free, this really is the thing to do. — Lulu Chang

Pros: Very easy to set up, cheap, sturdy, made out of durable materials

Cons: Many clients noted that the framework arrived damaged (although Casper’s customer support team will Look after this for you)

Huxley Recycled Leather Bed

This stage bed, advocated by RoomLift’s Megan Hersch, has a little more going for it — specifically recycled leather upholstery onto the rails and headboard. “I simply put this mattress in a customer’s guest bedroom,” says Hersch. “It was super simple to build and looks far more luxe than its price .”

Drommen Acacia Wood Queen Bed

Hersch also urges this platform bed frame from CB2. She enjoys its”contemporary aesthetic and powerful lines” that, according to her, have a”manly touch” The minimal acacia framework has architectural components such as angular legs and slanted braces, which help encourage its cushy upholstered headboard (it is shown at a polyester-linen mix but also comes in leather).

DHP Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

If your heart is set on a bed frame which has that standout, elegant leather appearance, but you can’t justify spending thousands of bucks, this DHP Dakota Faux Leather Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed may be the alternative. We love that there are a lot of purchase possibilities out there. You may purchase it in double, queen, full, and king sizes and in black, white, brown, or white faux leather.

The modern chic bed frame includes a cushioned faux leather upholstered headboard and side railings, giving it a lavish appearance. Sturdy metal side rails add firmness and durability, while the system bed frame is encouraged with 24 wooden mattress slats to provide more than sufficient relaxation with no need for a box spring.

The maker states that the mattress works well with memory foam mattresses and coil beds but does not explicitly say other mattresses will not perform.

The faux leather is easy to clean and can be comprehensive with button tufts and texture which give it a stylish, yet understated design so that it could scale up even the plainest of bedrooms.

Pros: Price, design, includes headboard, easy to clean

Cons: Couldn’t be as sturdy as you’d like, the meeting could be a hassle

Ava Emerald Green Bed

To get a little color and an unexpected shape, consider the Ava, that comes recommended by Schoneveld. It is definitely a splurge, but she states that”this stunning emerald-green velvet is such a refreshing change from a lot grey over the last couple of decades,” adding that”it can readily be accessorized in so many distinct ways it might function in a contemporary or traditional house.”

The headboard features tailored station detailing and marginally wraps around the surface of the bed, making a little corner of types, which looks super comfy — and indulgent — for reading in bed.

Modsy designer Lisa Spicer also adores this framework, stating that it is”glam” in a manner that”can elevate your bedroom escape whilst also being enough to change up during the years.” To put it differently, it is an investment that could adapt to changing tastes and fashions.

She particularly enjoys the”luxe velvet upholstery” and”small brass feet” — both are little but high-impact details which make this mattress frame unique.

Andes Deco Upholstered Bed

This stage framework may accommodate a box spring, however, if you enjoy the appearance of a very low profile, you do not need you. Additionally, it is a small splurge, but the simple fact that it is contract-grade (meaning it may be utilized in commercial settings( such as resorts, in addition to residential) gives it a leg up durability-wise.

It comes fully upholstered on all sides and includes a high-back headboard and metal legs, components that Modsy’s VP of design, Alessandra Wood, predicts”slick with some glam.” She likes you could personalize the framework with a variety of designs and fabrics, but says that the normal mineral-gray as it pertains in is actually very soothing.

Alchemy Matte Black Queen Bed

Iron bed frames may be a different reasonably priced method to create a design statement in your bedroom. Spicer turned us on to the particular iron stage framework that does not need a box spring, which she likes to utilize when decorating in smaller bedrooms since”the very low platform height provides the illusion of space.”

She likes the way the framework’s”glossy metallic lines lend themselves to an industrial vibe,” however can readily be heated by incorporating wood nightstands on either side of it.

The Way to Select the Ideal mattress framework

Size matters:

First, get the sizing right. You would like a bed frame which combines into space obviously, none which overwhelms the space by simply taking up too much room. Additionally, note that mattress frame dimensions aren’t completely standardized. They could differ based upon the state they are created in or from the producer, both of which might have their own criteria and use their own language for sizing.

Get a Fantastic mattress:

As soon as you’ve some notion of just how much distance you need to work together, get the mattress dimensions right. Your mattress is often as big as the room permits, but the principal objective is it may hold your body, with no limbs dangling off the sides.

You do not need one which makes you feel just like Will Ferrell in the movie Elf. If you are purchasing a mattress for just two individuals, you ought to be able to lie down, side by side, and also have your arms behind your head with your elbows out, without touching each other.

From that point, it is possible to match the mattress dimensions into the mattress frame dimensions. Have a look at the best mattresses you’ll be able to purchase here.

Examine the pricing:

Bed frame pricing is all over the area. Pricing is generally contingent on the fabric of the framework, together with leather-covered and wooden frames being the priciest and metallic frames at the least.

Determine What style you need:

Since your mattress installation is the highlight of this space, the plan of your mattress frame surely plays a part in your pick. It is up to your personal tastes, other layout elements within the room, and also the available space you’ve got to work with.

Bed frame types

There are a variety of sorts of mattress frames accessible, but one suggestion to restrict your choices is to choose if you’d like a stage or box spring mattress.

With many platform bed frames, you won’t require a box spring. For more stability, elect for a platform mattress with no box spring, and this will provide a more challenging and more inviting base. Here are the different kinds of mattress frames:

Platform bed frames with no box spring are generally lower into the floor, which might make them more difficult to get in and out of, particularly in the event that you experience back pain or other complications.

On the other hand, because platform bed frames are somewhat reduced, they provide a cooler sleeping atmosphere. Additionally, cutting on the box spring from your overall mattress buying prices will make your mattress much less costly.

Box spring bed frames can raise your mattress off the floor, creating your bed a lot easier to get in and from. Box springs do help prolong the life span of the mattress by preventing sagging.

Box spring bed frames would be the go-to choice to the traditionalist, however, the box spring itself won’t last forever. With the years, box springs drop support and don’t provide as many mattress-saving advantages.

To get the most from a box spring, then just turn it regularly, hence the heaviest weight isn’t constantly put in precisely the exact same location.

Headboards and footboards are occasionally included with the mattress frame for extra style. These may be made from wood or metal, and they are occasionally covered in cloth or leather.

Specialty mattress frames come in a couple of unique forms, such as sleigh beds, four-poster beds, canopy beds, daybeds, and so forth. These bed frames include more style and play to your own bedroom.

Wood, upholstered, and metal bed frames

If strength is a priority, then a metallic framework is your very best option. With great care, metal bed frames will appear almost new for many years and are not damaged as readily as wooden bed frames. But, wooden bed frames continue to be considered highly durable and therefore are normally a great value for the price.

They are fairly low maintenance and might even be much easier to take care of than alloy frames, which may fall prey to rust. You might also find bed frames that are covered in cloth, real leather, or faux leather for extra style.

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