Top 18 Best Bedroom Humidifier Brands In 2023

Top Best Bedroom Humidifier 2020

The Best Bedroom Humidifier can alleviate dry skin and nostrils, but running for months entails much more care work than many folks have in mind. Fantastic humidifiers perform the job without a lot of hassle, and that is the reason why we urge the Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier–it is quiet, durable, and easier to clean and clean compared to any other humidifier we have examined.

It is possible to select either an evaporative or an ultrasonic humidifier. Evaporative models fade moisture via a wicking filter, and ultrasonic versions utilize a vibrating diaphragm to release microscopic droplets of liquid water to the atmosphere.

Generally, we favor evaporative humidifiers, since they’re less cluttered. But within this guide, Heylovedesigns has got recommendations for the two kinds.

Reviews Top 18 Best Bedroom Humidifier of all 2020

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Best Overall: Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

What We Like

  • Cooling fan
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Excellent cost

What We Do Not Like

  • Bottom readily detaches, which can cause spills

The Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is a silent, easy-to-use humidifier that is designed for bigger rooms (500 to 800 square feet).

It is an evaporative humidifier, meaning it will not render a thin film of dust around the area if it is used with hard water, and also the device’s ultraviolet light intends to kill any mildew, mildew, or bacteria. The standout feature, however, is how simple it’s to wash.

The water tank has a rather wide opening, therefore fitting your hands inside isn’t a problem. The water tank and water are also equally dishwasher safe (as long as you set them on the upper rack), therefore this makes any worries regarding getting into tight corners obsolete.

Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

The evaporative Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier continues to be our choice since 2015. It’s outperformed over two dozen opponents in round after round of evaluations. And in all that time, we have not uncovered serious defects in some of the nine components which Wirecutter staffers have analyzed throughout the nation.

That is because the HCM-350 does almost everything right: It humidifies the air fast, runs quietly, keeps a cozy warmth level, and does not beep or blink at nighttime. Its durable tank is quite simple to clean and fill, with components which it is possible to run through the dishwasher.

Great for spaces as big as 400 square feet, the HCM-350 works excellent for the majority of bedrooms and living rooms. And since it is an evaporative humidifier, this version can not over-humidify the atmosphere or disperse white mineral dust on how ultrasonic humidifiers can.

Our sole criticism about the HCM-350–along with needing to wash it, as you can do at any humidifier–is that it needs a wick replacement every couple of months, which adds a little bit irritating ongoing price.

Best for Big Spaces: Essick MA1201

What We Like

  • Covers a large Region
  • Simple to Use
  • Does not require regular cleaning

What We Do Not Like

  • Bulky build
  • Replacing filters may get pricey

Having a 3.6-gallon tank effective at a 12-gallon daily output along with a coverage area of up to 3,600 square feet, the Essick Air Aircare MA1201 is a highly effective choice for the whole residence. Users love the electronic humidistat, which is set to keep the humidity level in your house automatically. They also state the side-mounted water tank is easy to remove, fill clean.

On the flip side, our tester remarked that the price of replacing filters may accumulate. In addition, he believed that its layout was gruesome. In general, however, he believed the unit was a great value since it was powerful: “The huge fan and big wick combine to crank out moisture into the stage at which we saw condensation on the glass of our chimney on a chilly night,” he explained.

SPT SU-9210 Digital Evaporative Humidifier

In the event the Honeywell HCM-350 is inaccessible, the SPT SU-9210 Digital Evaporative Humidifier is our runner-up choice. This evaporative humidifier performs very similarly to the Honeywell and is nearly as simple to wash. Additionally, it adds a timer plus an electronic humidistat (which correctly measure humidity, helping to modulate the output).

On the other hand, the SPT SU-9210 has annoying beeping buttons along with a blindingly bright screen that not shut off, meaning it is much less well-suited into a bedroom or a nursery, and its own tank threatens to tilt when you are filling it. Such as the HCM-350, the SU-9210 reaches its potency limitation in a space measuring about 400 square feet.

VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier

VicTsing’s ultrasonic humidifier comes with an easy-to-control dial knob to control the mist output. The rotating, angled nozzle in addition permits you to direct the flow of mist toward a particular place. Additionally, it features an auto-shutoff feature that alerts you using a reddish light if it runs out of water.

Our specialists enjoy the grooved grip since it makes trips into the sink to get refills and cleaning more comfortable and suitable. Given its small tank size (a bit more than half of a gallon), it is made for a little space between 110 and 270 square feet.

As it can only operate about 10 hours on a complete tank, it is ideal for rooms that would not require a humidifier daily.

Best Splurge: LEVOIT Humidifier, 5.5L Cool and Warm Mist

What We Like

  • Sleek design
  • Fantastic controllers
  • Simple to Use
  • Extremely quiet

What We Do Not Like

  • Stream tube cap is not very stable
  • Users need to refill frequently

With warm and cold mist alternatives, the capacity to diffuse essential oils, or treated liquid vaporizers, along with also a night light function, this LEVOIT humidifier has everything. Additionally, its own 5.5-liter capacity provides you 36 hours of run time.

A particular sensor controls the quantity of mist introduced to be able to maintain your space atmosphere exactly right, and a convenient remote gives you more ease of use.

Our tester adored its compact form factor, its own near-silent performance, and its general functionality.

Though he noticed that it takes frequent refilling, he stated that overall, if you appreciate design on the appliances, the LEVOIT was difficult to overcome: “The mostly white color palette with silver accents, in addition to the glass-clear tough plastic enclosing a contemporary digital screen, is so much like you may mistake it for a brand new iMac,” he explained.

Levoit LV450CH

If you merely require a fundamental humidifier that looks fine and does the job, but that will not cost you too much, get the ultrasonic Levoit LV450CH. Its 4.5-liter tank is really slightly larger than the tank around the Honeywell HCM-350, using a large opening and a straightforward rectangular shape which produces it effortless to wash.

The LV450CH isn’t quite as adaptable as the LV600HH–it’s only one button which changes color every time you press on it to signify that the various energy levels (on/low, moderate, large, then off ). The LV450CH has the very same flaws and perks as numerous ultrasonic humidifiers, for example, silent but busy functionality and a small probability of a puddle beneath.

Such as the HUL430B, the LV450CH lacks a humidistat or some other self-regulation, therefore it has a tendency to over-humidify the space, particularly following the two-hour mark.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

If you’re trying to find a warm mist humidifier, we enjoy this one from Vicks. It is quiet when working, and it features a handy tank handle for simple transport when cleaning and filling. As a result of this tank, you may readily view if water levels are reduced. If operating for a complete day, you will probably have to refill mid-day since the one-gallon tank lasts for approximately 12 hours.

There’s an automobile shut-off so should it run out and you are not there, it will not keep attempting to function. You have the choice to bring an inhalant, such as Vicks VapoSteam, in the device’s medication cup to help alleviate cough symptoms.

Best Budget: Magictec Cool Mist Humidifier

What We Like

  • Budget-friendly cost
  • Contemporary design
  • Flexible output

What We Do Not Like

  • Needs to be refilled daily
  • Cannot be Utilized as a diffuser

Want a good looking humidifier at a fantastic price (that also gets the work done)? This version delivers on all three of these qualities and then a few. Having a 2.5-liter tank plus a slick, all-black design, this choice won’t stand out like a sore thumb on the bedroom or living area.

This choice has a dial adjustment that allows you to discover the ideal output for your house’s requirements, but even in higher settings, the engine is silent that it will not interrupt your day. This humidifier will have to be refilled about after every day to the medium setting, but it’s a crisis shut-off when the water level was consumed completely.

Should you prefer to include essential oils into your humidifier, you ought to be aware that there is no diffuser tray also that utilizing adding oils straight to the tank isn’t suggested by the manufacturer.

Venta LW25 Airwasher

If you would like to have an incredibly effective evaporative humidifier that needs less-frequent pruning and cleaning compared to our other recommendations, then consider the Venta LW25 Airwasher.

In its current price of about $300, it’s quite costly, however, it’s the high up-front price is somewhat mitigated by its own intense energy efficiency in the long term. And in our evaluations, the LW25 consistently rated full of humidification performance.

Like our additional curricular selections, this version is appropriate to spaces which are the size of a huge bedroom. Competitors need cleaning.

However, Venta advises that you wash this unit every 2 weeks and completely wash it every six months. However, in spite of its title, it doesn’t clean the atmosphere especially well; if that is an issue for you, consider getting an air purifier.

Tekjoy Cool Mist Humidifier

This cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is intended to work for a complete day without needing to refill the 3/4 toaster tank. It’s a 360-degree rotating spout so it is possible to steer the mist wherever wanted.

It features a timer (select between 4, 4, 8, or 12 hours), three distinct output configurations, and an automobile shut-off attribute for when the tank runs out or is misaligned. Though the nine nightlight choices might be a little too much (we like it best when it is off!), it may be a fun feature for kids’ rooms when functioning during the daytime.

Best for Bedroom: vanilla C-PRO Humidifier

What We Like

  • Flexible nozzle
  • Extremely quiet
  • Independent diffuser tray

What We Do Not Like

  • Needs to be refilled once a day
  • No nightlight timer

You would like to search for two things while searching for a humidifier for the bedroom really needs a big enough tank to remain running during the whole night, and you also would like it to be silent. This choice assesses both boxes, which means it is possible to find a fantastic night’s sleep and awaken without dry skin and an aching nose.

According to the producer, this humidifier runs more quietly than an air conditioner, so that it should not interrupt your ability to go to sleep. Additionally, it gets points for having the ability to operate for up to 30 hours at a space up to 300 square feet, and that means you don’t ever need to worry about waking up to discover your humidifier has stopped in the middle of the night.

An extra feature we like is your distinct diffuser tray at the rear of the loofah, where you are able to add a couple of drops of essential oils without even adding them directly into the tank, which might damage humidifiers as time passes.

Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier

There is no need to be concerned about replacement filters using this humidifier as it includes a built-in ceramic filter. This cool mist version is ideal for bedrooms under 400 square feet, also it’s a tank capacity of just over a gallon.

Our favorite feature about this humidifier is the humidistat. It will notify you of this humidity level inside your room and flip on or off according to your preferred level. There’s also a sleeping mode setting which will turn all lights off — such as the LED display! — to get an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Best for Baby: Crane USA Humidifiers

What We Like

  • Strong output
  • Quiet
  • Sleek design
  • No filter needed

What We Do Not Like

  • Small capacity
  • Some leaking

Deciding on a Vacuum to get a nursery may be a hard task since you need something that’s powerful, easy to wash, and functions at a really low decibel–also this one from Crane delivers. Reviewers especially enjoy the slick, compact design and also the 360-degree adjustable lid.

This fall humidifier provides you with a 1-gallon, filter-free construction that’s supposed to operate up to 24-hours, though, many reviewers notice they find the working time is less. While most say it is silent (ideal for infants and children ), a little notice it may create an unpleasant noise once the water becomes too low and also the auto-off activates.

Dyson AM10 Humidifier

When you have asthma, then search no farther than this Dyson humidifier that’s been licensed asthma- and – allergy-friendly from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Using its ultraviolet light technologies, this humidifier asserts to kill 99.9% germs until it spreads cool mist to the dry atmosphere of your area. The smart climate management attribute helps maintain a continuous amount of humidity with no over-humidifying, which is bad for those who have asthma.

Best With Diffuser: URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier

What We Like

  • Two successful mist settings
  • Also functions as a night light
  • Very silent

What We Do Not Like

  • Sensor light could be distracting
  • Difficult to Find the lid away

If you’re searching for an economical, two-in-one humidifier–just one which also acts as an oil diffuser–that the URPOWER Vital is a client favorite. Just add in a couple of drops of the essential oil (not included) of your decision to distribute the scent through the room.

Reviewers like this the odor is noticeable although not overpowering. This diffuser also includes two adjustable mist configurations and seven distinct LED color-changing lights so that you are able to add more flavor to your area.

A couple of clients did not like that the detector light could not be turned off, but most appreciated the choice for the night lighting. Clients did report the lid may be hard to eliminate, but total stated this little device is very powerful and a fantastic price.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

With its streamlined design and shockingly silent operation, you may forget you use a humidifier. That is why the automobile shut-off feature is useful once the water level is reduced or the container is misaligned — in the event, you really do not forget.

The one-button operation creates this humidifier quite intuitive to use and its own backlight makes it effortless to view in the dark (in the event you want to flip on the built-in nighttime light or fix the mist atmosphere ). While it might not be the easiest to wash since it’s a medium-size tank opening, this humidifier has a cleaning brush to make maintenance a bit harder.

Air Innovations Clean Mist Digital Humidifier

The slick design and nozzle expansion inside this humidifier are ideal for discreet humidifying. It is available in a few polished colors to coordinate with your decor (or mix in!), such as black, white, platinum, and also wine. It asserts to humidify rooms up to 600 square feet for 96 hours and it’s five distinct mist settings.

The petroleum diffusing aromatherapy tray is ideal for adding some vital oils to the atmosphere together with some excess moisture. Employing the built-in humidistat, it is easy to track the humidity levels. Bonus: it includes a remote controller!

The Best Bedroom Humidifier Buying Guide

The Best Bedroom Humidifier Buying Guide

If your residence or workplace is feeling stuffy and dry, you are needing a loofah. These tiny appliances add warmth to air which is now dry from central heating or arid environmental problems. Humidifiers are also a potent ally when you are combating congestion from frequent cold or allergies. You will breathe better and feel better using a humidifier to maintain moisture from the atmosphere.

The kind of humidifier you pick will have an effect on how it works, but most of the humidifiers take in a warm atmosphere from their environment. After moisture is inserted, a buff typically disperses the atmosphere into the space to improve the humidity level.

Humidifiers vary in dimension, with streamlined versions designed for smaller distances and bigger units which can humidify around 1,000 square feet or longer. There are various kinds of humidifiers, based on the manner in which the unit adds moisture into the atmosphere.

While shopping, compare the features and advantages of hot mist versus cool mist humidifiers, together with whole-house humidifiers. Based on the kind, dimensions, and features you pick, humidifiers price anywhere from under $25 to $500 or more.

Key Considerations:

  • Humidistat

For an optimal degree of humidity from the atmosphere, start looking for a design with a built-in humidistat. This attribute will track the area’s humidity and closed off the appliance once the atmosphere’s moisture level reaches a set goal.

Even though this isn’t an important attribute, it will require some of the guesswork from working a loofah. Additionally, it may prevent extra moisture from the atmosphere from fogging windows up or developing a musty odor in the room.

If you bypass a built-in humidistat, then you are still able to track the humidity level inside your house with a hygrometer, a small and affordable tool.

  • Size

The dimensions of this humidifier you select will largely be dependent upon how big space you are searching to add moisture into. There are essentially 3 dimensions of humidifiers in the marketplace: Mobile (also called Tabletop), Console, and Whole House.

Mobile humidifiers are small and have limited water tanks, which means that you will want to refill them often. They are less costly and can be easily moved from room to room.

You will frequently see tabletop humidifiers on a nightstand or desk. The tiniest portable humidifiers are private or travel-sized versions. With comparable measurements to a water jar, these humidifiers may be obtained everywhere.

Console humidifiers are bigger units that sit on the ground and also have increased-capacity water tanks which may require less frequent filling than mobile humidifiers. Console humidifiers are the ideal alternative for spaces around 1,000 square feet (based upon the version ).

Whole-house humidifiers attach to a home’s ductwork and may add warmth throughout your property. They are best for incorporating moisture on a big scale and may manage spaces larger than 1,000 square feet. As this kind of humidifier links to your house’s pipes, you won’t have to refill the tank.

  • Water Tank Capacity

Closely associated with the size of this humidifier you decide on is that the water tank capability. Have a look at the projected run time in the manufacturer to learn how frequently you will want to refill the tank. If you would like to use the humidifier daily or all night–or both–be certain to select a model using a large enough capacity.

Other considerations are whether the container is removable to readily meet a kitchen or bathroom faucet and just how heavy it’s going to be if you take it back. If that is not practical, you might need to bring the water into the humidifier using a pitcher or jug.

  • Auto-Shutoff

Lots of humidifiers on the market are equipped with an auto-shutoff attribute. This can be important if you intend to leave your humidifier on for lengthy periods of time because it is going to turn off the device when it works out of water. An auto-shutoff can stop the apparatus from burning too.

  • UV Filtration

Since wet, humid conditions may become a breeding ground for germs, mildew, and germs, a few humidifiers are equipped with a UV light. The technical light filtration system removes germs which could be growing in the humidifier’s tank also prevents them from being discharged into the atmosphere together with the mist.

  • Demineralization Cartridge

In case you’ve got hard water, then strongly consider a humidifier with a demineralization cartridge. This extra filter will accumulate the minerals naturally found in hard water and stop them from being discharged into the atmosphere as fine white dust which could become a hassle and lymph.

  • Air Filter

For people with allergies, a humidifier using a pre-filter to clean incoming air could be a wise idea. These air filters are nice enough to trap pollen, dust mites, dander, and other little particles that may otherwise pass in the humidifier and are introduced again to the atmosphere.

Product Forms:

  • Warm Mist

As its title suggests a hot mist humidifier releases moisture to the atmosphere in the kind of warm mist. To accomplish this, this kind of humidifier warm water to its boiling point then releases the steam to the air. The moisture-filled vapor increases the humidity level in the room. These humidifiers are usually very silent since the steam comes from this device without the assistance of a fan.

As standing water is a perfect environment for bacterial growth, the good thing about the kind of humidifier is the boiling water eliminates many germs which may otherwise be published from the mist. On the other hand, the downside is a hot mist humidifier uses more energy than a few other kinds of humidifiers because the heating component used to warm water brings power.

It must be said that warm mist humidifiers are normally not suggested for use around kids. The warm water, together with the steam that the device dissipates, can pose a burn threat when a kid becomes too close or rips it over.

  • Cool Mist

There are two key kinds of cool mist humidifiers in the marketplace: evaporative and impeller. Each one changes in how it works, but they release a room-temperature mist which humidifies your distance. Considering that the mist is space temperature but high in moisture, it may initially feel cool or moist.

  • Evaporative

This kind of cool mist humidifier is based on a filter (occasionally known as a wick) that accumulates water from a reservoir beneath. A fan blows air throughout the filter, where it accumulates moisture through evaporation, then the mist is propelled from the humidifier.

You will occasionally wash out the filter, as it can host bacteria and minerals in the water that can develop on its own surface. Along with frequently cleaning the tank and filter, plan to replace the filter occasionally. While evaporative humidifiers do not possess the higher energy prices of warm mist humidifiers, they really do possess the recurring cost of filter replacement. They are also a bit wealthier than warm mist humidifiers, on account of the operation of this enthusiast.

  • Impeller

An impeller humidifier has a fast spinning disk that sends water into a diffuser, in which it is converted into tiny droplets able to be moved as a mist to the surrounding area.

The benefit to this sort of cool mist humidifier is a simple fact that it does not have any filter–yet another component to wash and nothing to substitute. Nonetheless, it’s often suggested that you use distilled water in this kind of humidifier.

  • Ultrasonic

Of humidifiers, an ultrasonic is the quietest alternative. While many versions are cool mist humidifiers, there are a few which allow you to opt for a cool mist or warm mist style. Beautiful freshwater ultrasonic humidifiers are among the most well-known kinds of humidifiers in the marketplace.

These humidifiers utilize ultrasonic frequency by a vibrating disk to vaporize water molecules which are subsequently released as a mist into the atmosphere. Some larger models incorporate a buff which assists to propel the mist further.

Since ultrasonic sound waves can not be noticed by the human ear, then you may only observe the effect via enhanced humidity from the atmosphere –without even hearing the white noise (except for any noise produced by fan-assisted versions ). For light sleepers, office employees, and anybody else that appreciates silent appliances, this is a significant plus.

Furthermore, ultrasonic humidifiers don’t have any filters to replace or change, which makes them a very low maintenance choice. Obviously, routine cleaning of the water tank is still suggested to avoid a buildup of bacteria or mold.

  • Whole House

For large-scale heating regulation, even a whole-house cleansing is an alternative. This sort of humidifier has to be professionally installed because it’s going to be linked to a home’s ductwork and water source.

There are 3 key kinds of whole-house humidifiers: flow-through, reservoir, or vapor. You will want to go over the benefits of each kind having an HVAC professional to ascertain which is acceptable for your house.

Remember that generally, just steam humidifiers can function independently of the furnace, which means that you’re going to be restricted to seasonal usage if you elect for a flow-through or reservoir whole-house humidifier.

Even though this is a far more expensive alternative, the advantage of a whole-house cleaner versus a mobile Vacuum is that you’re able to deliver pressurized air to all aspects of your residence simultaneously.

Furthermore, whole-house humidifiers generally have very low maintenance requirements in comparison with mobile humidifiers and do not need frequent refills of their tank.


What exactly does a humidifier do?

Humidifiers are appliances that add moisture into the atmosphere by producing and releasing steam or mist. They help you keep a set humidity level inside your house and block it from becoming dry. You will find both cool and warm air humidifiers (a few are effective at equally ), but the way the humidifier functions will be based on the kind.

But, all humidifiers take in air from their environment and add warmth to it. A buff typically divides the atmosphere into the space to improve the humidity level.

What are the advantages of a humidifier?

Humidifiers are frequently utilized to soothe problems brought on by dry atmosphere, including itchy skin, chapped lips, and sometimes even nose bleeds, in addition to respiratory symptoms by a cold or allergies.

Individuals in particularly cold or dry climates frequently find humidifiers to be a beneficial remedy which may help them breathe, sleep, and feel much better overall. If you are coping with particular respiratory problems, you need to ask your physician for a recommendation on a kind of humidifier.

How can you wash a humidifier?

Along with draining and drying out a humidifier’s reservoir prior to refilling each moment, the water tank also needs to be cleaned frequently to make sure that harmful germs and germs do not grow. It is generally recommended that you clean and descale your loofah with vinegar and sanitize with bleach or a specially formulated humidifier cleansing representative.

Some humidifiers can actually go in the dishwasher, however, distinct kinds of humidifiers have particular requirements, therefore it is ideal to follow the manufacturer’s directions. Using distilled water is frequently suggested. And versions using a filter will have to acquire replacements every couple of months or as indicated by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a quiet, cheap, and easy-to-use humidifier, look no farther than the Honeywell HCM-350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier.

Unlike other versions, the water tank and water are equally top-rack dishwasher safe making cleaning a cinch. But if you’re ready to devote a little more, elect for Levoit LV550HH Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier, which is remote controlled and contains more setting choices.

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