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Top Best Bench Grinder 2020

The Best Bench Grinder is a benchtop kind of milling machine utilized to induce abrasive wheels. These kinds of grinders are generally utilized to hand grind different cutting tools and execute another demanding grinding.

Since these are generally fixed into some worktop, it doesn’t provide a good deal of flexibility when it comes to portability, so the workpiece needs to be attracted to it. To get a more mobile, hand-held alternative, go with an angle grinder.

Based upon the bond and caliber of the grinding wheel, then it could possibly be used for sharpening cutting tools like tool bits, drill bits, chisels, and gouges. Alternately, it could possibly be used to approximately shape metal before fitting or welding.

A wire brush wheel or buffing wheels may be interchanged using the wheels as a way to wash or polish workpieces. Stiff buffing wheels may also be utilized when debugging is demanded.

The common brakes on most bench grinders are vitreous-bond wheels. They function best to perform their intended job, however, they inherently possess a danger of cracking.

Grinding wheels intended for steel should not be used for grinding thicker metals, such as aluminum. The soft metal becomes lodged in the pores of the wheel and afterward expands with the warmth of grinding. This may dislodge portions of their grinding wheel, resulting in harm.

Wheels come with the greatest RPM evaluations printed on the tag. The grinder RPM has to be equivalent or reduced; “the highest working speeds indicated on the wheel tag shouldn’t be surpassed”. Greatly over-speeding a grinding wheel can make it burst.

Reviews Of 15 Best Bench Grinder At This Year

Reviews Of 15 Best Bench Grinder At This Year

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Jet 577102 JBG-8A 8″ Bench Grinder

Fantastic for cleaning, waxing, buffing, eliminating rust, or removing burs from alloy, the Jet 577102 JBG-8A seat grinder includes industrial standard 36-grit and 60-grit 8-inch wheels for optimum versatility.

1-horsepower, 115-volt motor works at 3,450 rpm and provides lots of power for heavy grinding.

Sits on a rubber foot to stop unwanted movement and may be straightened if desirable for greatest stability.

Contains a heavy-duty guarded toggle change.

Features completely enclosed pre-lubricated ball bearings, cast iron wheel guards and dust vents, one-piece quick adjusting spark guards, and big eye shields with rapid adjustment for optimum safety.

1 HP, single phase 115 Volt motor turns at 3450 RPM.

Contains 2 vitrified grinding wheels, one coarse and one fine.

Wheels are 8in. Diameter x 1in. Wide with 5/8in. Arbor.

Cast-iron wheel guards have vents for dust collectors.

Easy-adjusting spark guards and eye shields; safeguarded switch.

Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder — Best Total

Founded in at 35.9 pounds, the Metabo DS 200 is a heavyweight bench grinder. Regardless of this, it is still the very best 8-inch seat grinder on the market. This sturdy machine using aluminum protective covers is obviously of high-quality construct and this, together with the fat, is sufficient to decrease the vibrations which plague a lot of poor bench grinders.

In reality, some people do not even bolt this device to their seat (though bolting is recommended)! Apart from a low vibration, there’s also low sound. Do not let this fool you — it might be silent but the engine is strong and it runs amazingly easily.

The 8-inch grinder operates around 3,570 RPM. That is reflected in how the grinder sticks can take a moment or two to really come to a halt once you turn it off.

Installation is relatively fast and easy and you will be sharpening tools and so on in almost no time. A double push on/off button is a welcome attribute and also the buttons are red and green to make it easier to distinguish between them.

In reality, the red button has been increased slightly to ensure it is the simplest to press in the event of an emergency. 1 question some might have concerning this product is that the high cost but in fact, the standard of performance and build also features makes the Metabo DS 200 worth it.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Small vibration
  • Quiet yet powerful motor


  • It is on the pricey side

DEWALT DW758 8″ Bench Grinder

The heavy-duty DEWALT DW758 8-inch seat grinder is excellent for all grinding operations, such as sharpening tools, rust, rust removal, forming components, and cleaning items.

Powered with a 3/4 horsepower induction motor that runs at 3,600 RPM for simple and dependable high-speed material removal.

Complemented by an industrial cast iron base and motor housing for extra durability and prolonged life.

12-1/2-inch space between wheels for longer and larger grinding applications.

Precision-machined flexible aluminum tool rests permit the user to accurately position work.

Rear exhaust vents from the wheel guards provide smooth functioning.

16 inches long and weighs 39.5 lbs.

WEN 4276 Bench Grinder

If you’re interested in finding a more budget-friendly version of seat grinder compared to many of these on the current market, then the WEN 4276 Bench Grinder is one of the best choices available for you.

It’s not as well constructed or as steady as a number of the premium versions of seat grinder on the market, but its functionality is impressive for its price, as well as the difficulties with it are comparatively minor.

The milling wheels have a small twist to them, which may be a problem for much more precise work, however, for many home use they’re more than secure enough to burst.

The 3450 RPM motor is strong enough for effective, easy grinding without requiring too much time, along with the elastic work lighting attached to your system makes sure that you can always see just what you’re working on using a high degree of clarity in virtually any circumstance.

We Like It

  • Lightweight
  • Adaptive work lighting attached
  • 6-inch seat grinder
  • 3450 rpm motor
  • Cheap model

Our Verdict

The WEN 4276 Bench Grinder is one of the greatest budget seat grinders on the market, offering solid build quality and more powerful benefits in a cheap and lightweight package.

Porter-Cable PCB575BG 8″ Bench Grinder

The PCB575BG comprises a strong 5.0 Amp induction engine which delivers varying speeds between 2,000 and 3,400 RPM.

It allows users to select the appropriate rate to be able to raise productivity when grinding, sharpening, and forming.

Built-in adjustable work lamp.

Sturdy cast iron base to decrease vibration during surgery.

Engineered aluminum tool rests with a groove for simple drill bit sharpening.

Removable quench water.

Detachable wheel dresser for cleanup and reshaping the grinding wheel between applications.

POWERTEC BGSS801 Bench Grinder

It is safe to say the POWERTEC BGSS801 is just one of the more distinctive seat grinders on the market. The 8-inch unit is a slow rate bench grinder. The RPM of 1725 is intended to prevent tools from overheating that’s something which many other components simply can’t offer.

The 1/2 hp motor provides smooth and silent operation, which again, is something that isn’t readily found in seat grinders. Such features mean the BGSS801 is very likely to last quite a very long time, despite frequent use.

Grinding with this particular unit is made simple because of the wheels that are just 1 inch wide. Made from white aluminum oxide, they produce less heat compared to several other grinding wheels available on the industry.

The vibration of the bench grinder is minimum and is actually decreased from the heavy gauge steel foundation that offers improved stability.

Even though this is a nice chair grinder, it is worth understanding that this is for light and sharpening grinding and lacks the essential power for thicker applications. What’s more, many consumers have had problems with jagged wheels. Regardless of this, the POWERTEC BGSS801 is a fantastic alternative for milder projects and for people that are seeking a quieter seat grinder.


  • Relatively quiet
  • 1-inch wheels
  • Small vibration


  • Not for heavy-duty grinding
  • Some Difficulties with jagged wheels

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

Providing excellent functionality and quite a few useful additional features, the SKIL 3380 01 6-inch Bench Grinder is a high-quality chair grinder that should work nicely for many domestic customers in a vast assortment of unique scenarios. It works quietly and easily at a really reasonable 3,450 RPM, though heavy-duty work may make it to overheat.

This seat grinder features a small footprint and a high build quality, but still packs in many of additional features. The most notable of them is a pair of built-in LED work lights on each one of the wheels, letting you see clearly just what it is that you’re working on constantly.

We Like It

  • Built-in LED work light
  • Medium and rough wheels included
  • 3,450 rpm motors
  • 6-inch seat grinder
  • Adjustable tool rests

Our Verdict

The SKIL 3380 01 6-inch Bench Grinder is a silent, sleek, and well-designed seat grinder that provides excellent performance for many home circumstances.

RIKON Power Tools 80-805 8″ Bench Grinder

8″ Slow Speed Bench Grinder. Strong 1/2 hp Motor using 1750 RPM.

Ideal for sharpening surgeries since it reduces warmth build-up.

Contains 1″ x 8″ 60 grit and 120 Grit white aluminum oxide wheels.

Constructed with a sturdy cast iron base comprising anti-vibration rubberized feet.

Adjustable security eye protects and sparks resisters.

Left tool rest involves a groove in its own design for the sharpening of drill bits.

Wheel flanges are all stamped.

Grinder comprises a diamond wheel sharpener.

Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder

If you’re interested in finding a high-quality 6-inch seat grinder with added features to improve its flexibility, then the Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder could function as a seat grinder to suit you. Its 6-inch brakes are strong and durable, and feature adjustable tool rests and precise bit sharpening processes.

The built-in water cooling system helps you to stop your gear and the seat grinder from overheating, along with this, the incandescent work lighting attached to the body of this Craftsman 921154 Bench Grinder ensures you can always clearly see what it is that you’re working on, regardless of what the ambient lighting resembles.

We Like It

  • Variable speed motor
  • 8-inch seat grinder
  • Water cooling
  • Incandescent work mild attached
  • Separate milling and wire wheels for Extra flexibility

Our Verdict

The Craftsman 921162 Bench Grinder is a remarkably versatile 8-inch seat grinder that provides excellent performance in a broad selection of unique circumstances and uses. It’s excellent for home or professional use and is a simple recommendation.

ATD Tools 10558 8″ Bench Grinder

Heavy-duty 3/4 HP ball bearing motor.

No Load Speed: 3,450 RPM.

A flexible shatter-resistant eye protects both magnifying and regular.

The metal instrument rests and sparks guards.

The base includes pre-cast holes for mounting to stand or workbench.

Substantial flexible work light for greater visibility.


  • Two grinding wheels equally medium and coarse grit.
  • Dustproof switch
  • Cooling tray.
  • 4.8 Amps.
  • Wheel Size: 8″ Diameter, 1″ Face, 5/8″ Bore.

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The DEWALT DW756 6-inch Bench Grinder is a top-quality, cheap 6-inch seat grinder that’s been equipped with a strong focus on the simplicity of use. It’s well constructed, with durable aluminum and iron construction, and it’s driven with a 5/8 hp induction motor that supplies a top 3,450 RPM functionality.

There’s hardly any vibration when this seat grinder works, which makes it comfortable to work without interrupting your workspace quite much.

Among the greatest features of the Dewalt, seat grinder is that the 12.5-inch distance between the two wheels. This massive space makes it effortless for you to operate on bigger projects with longer blades with no difficulty fitting bigger items to the grinder.

We Like It

  • 3,450 rpm motors
  • 6-inch seat grinder
  • Durable construction
  • 12.5-inch wheel spacing
  • Reasonable Price

Our Verdict

Offering durable construction and high-quality grinding wheels which are well spaced for effortless usage, the DEWALT DW756 6-inch Bench Grinder is one of the greatest seat grinders offered in its price bracket.

Sunex 5002A 8″ Bench Grinder

2 8-grit wheels:

  • Coarse 36
  • Moderate 60

Each wheel includes protective spark guard and flexible eye shield

Mounting holes and rubber feet create grinder simple to mount on a rack (optional – component 5003 or 5005) or utilize in an approved worktable or workbench.

Conveniently positioned, user friendly on/off switch.

Extended 6-foot power cable.

Cast iron base for durability.

Vibrant, flexible work light.

Ball-bearing construction for easy functioning.

5/8 Arbor accepts normal 8 wheels UL & CSA Listed

It contains eye guards and tool rests.

Electricity: 3/4 HP Motor.

No-load speed: 3450 RPM Motor.

5 Amp Voltage: 115V/60Hz.

TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder

The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder is among the smallest seat grinder versions out there. Its 3-inch wheel is not likely to substitute a 6-inch or even 8-inch seat grinder for you personally, but it’s going to be sufficient for many ordinary tool sharpening projects.

This really is a great halfway choice between a Dremel and a full-sized seat grinder and is compatible with the majority of Dremel attachments. The 3-inch milling wheel works at a variety of varying rates, using a maximum rate of a rather impressive 10,000 RPM.

We Like It

  • Compact layout
  • Range of wheels comprised
  • 31-inch flex shaft comprised
  • Variable speed controller
  • Dremel attachment harmonious

Our Verdict

If the distance is a significant concern for you, then the TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder is your best option available. Its small size provides an impressive degree of power and flexibility for virtually any circumstance.

Grizzly G9717 6″ Bench Grinder

1/3 HP 110v single-phase industrial-duty seat grinder turns at 3450 RPM.

Requires 6-Inch milling wheels from 1/2-Inch into 3/4-Inch broad with 1/2-Inch bores.

Adjustable tool rests and eye guards create instrument sharpening easy.

Quick starting and trendy working for all-day usage.

Genesis GBG800L Bench Grinder

The Genesis GBG800L Bench Grinder is a sizable and high-quality chair grinder made to provide exceptional performance in more extreme scenarios. Its 1/2 hp induction motor operates quietly and easily for a discreet and non-disruptive usable experience. Its heavy-duty iron base features rubber feet for benchtop or racks used, in addition to pre-drilled holes perfect for bolting into a surface for extra stability and durability.

Additionally, it features a set of flexible gooseneck lights, enabling you to keep complete control over the lighting of your project region, lighting up everything from whatever angle you would like.

We Like It

  • Two adjustable gooseneck lights
  • 8-inch seat grinder
  • Heavy-duty cast iron base
  • Adjustable eye shields
  • Quiet, smooth engine

Our Verdict

Supplying high performance along with a tough, durable construction perfect for store use, the Genesis GBG800L Bench Grinder is a great selection for anybody needing a more heavy-duty design of seat grinder.

Bench Grinders Buyer’s Guide

Programs for Bench Grinders

Bench grinders have more applications than you may think. Although most people primarily utilize their seat grinder to sharpen and form metal tools and material elements, in addition, there are a lot of different applications that are really worth considering. If you would like to get the absolute most from your seat grinder, then it pays to learn as much as you can about the many possible uses of the gadget!

Bench grinders are extremely practical for pipes to work. They may be used for cutting pipes, grinding them down to the ideal length for virtually any space, or simply helping to smooth them out a little, eliminating rough patches. This will make working with plastic or metal pipes considerably quicker and simpler, reducing the frustrations of DIY pipes projects significantly.

If you’re considering repainting a surface, then a seat grinder may be used similar to a high-speed sanding device. This usually means that a seat grinder can speed up things considerably, smoothing a surface for painting or eliminating layers of paint at a high rate.

Bench grinders may make short work of surfaces. Meaning you could smooth off floorboards, exactly like using a walker or flat out joints for constructing furniture better. As an additional floor usage, a seat grinder may be used for removing grout in the distances between tiles to be able to regrout or substitute tiles completely.

Alternatives to Bench Grinders

Bench grinders aren’t the only sort of grinder readily available for home use. They’re a superb alternative for many home DIY consumers, however, there are a number of scenarios where an alternative could be deemed necessary.

This is very important if the distance is a significant concern for you, as seat grinders are usually the greatest type of grinder and also take up more space than other styles are inclined to. Both major alternative kinds of grinders are die grinders and angle grinders. Let us look at each of these in turn.

Die grinders have been handheld power tools such as Dremels. All these are small, portable inkjet tools which are fantastic for small scale polishing and sanding of wood, metal, or plastic.

These are also quite helpful for much more complex and detailed work like etching or sculpting of a large selection of materials. They don’t have the scale or power of seat grinders, however, they are much smaller and much better suited to fine detail work.

Angle grinders can also be handheld tools but are somewhat bigger than die grinders. They’re an effective compromise between die grinders and bench grinders, giving the hand-held of a die grinder along with the big grinding surface of a bench grinder for effective large scale function.

Angle grinders are far less well suited to detail work and etching than die grinders are but are far somewhat more efficient. They’re also more mobile than seat grinders, but not quite as powerful or flexible.

In case you’ve got the space available in your house or workshop, then the big and highly effective seat grinder is very likely to be the best bet because its power and flexibility are significantly higher than both of those handheld choices.

The distance requirement might be an issue, however, as seat grinders are normally big and heavy appliances that take up a lot of space and demand a sturdy and secure workbench to place up them.

Bench Grinder Wheels

The most significant part of a bench grinder is that the grinding wheels, which provide the real grinding abrasive and power surface required for grinding.

It’s crucial to consider the dimensions of the wheel along with the substance used to construct the wheel as well as the form of the wheel, so when selecting a seat grinder, as these two variables will have a significant influence on the seat grinder’s functionality and which situations it’s very appropriate for.

The”dimensions” of a seat grinder denotes the diameter of its wheels. Even though a broad assortment of sizes are offered, the two most frequent are 6-inch seat grinders and 8-inch seat grinders.

6-inch milling wheels are sufficient for many home users since they are big and strong enough for many DIY jobs which are very likely to appear in the house.

8-inch wheels are for the most part demanded by professionals who want a much more industrial seat grinder, even though they’re also completely appropriate for home-usage.

The 1 thing about knowing is that 8-inch seat grinders have a tendency to be much bigger and thicker than their 6-inch counterparts and require far more workbench distance so as to operate comfortably.

The forms and substances involved with the grinding wheels can also be significant. Different wheel substances have different properties, which impacts which substances they’re used for grinding.

By way of instance, cast iron is your ideal floor with a silicon carbide abrasive wheel, whilst steel objects are ideal for aluminum oxide grinding wheels.

Concerning shape, the great majority of milling wheels available on the market are directly wheels, with easy straight edges causing a level surface, but this is only one kind available. You might even secure threaded wheels, where the surfaces of the wheel taper towards a thinner rim.

This is perfect for more delicate work like gear teeth or twist threads, as the thinner border gives more hands. The next significant type available is your tube, a broad, hollow wheel which has an extremely big grinding surface. This design is excellent for producing large, horizontal surfaces, but provides very little in the manner of control over grinding.

Other types of wheel are accessible, such as diamond wheels, cut off wheels, and saucer brakes, but those are seldom seen in seat grinders for home use, and are more commonly accessible professional kits for professional usage because they are specialization wheels which are only really helpful for certain quite specific applications.

Professional Tip

Eyeshields are contained with numerous seat grinders, but also for extra security, it’s always worth sporting goggles of some type to be able to protect your eyes in addition to potential.

Did you know?

If you’re going through wobble and unsteadiness from the milling wheel of your seat grinder, then you need to take it to some care professional for a wheel dressing table to fix this!


The more expensive an instrument, further the study must make the ideal purchase. It is simple enough to choose a simple hammer or spanner however a little item of machines like a bench grinder requires just a bit of time.

With any luck, we have helped you save a number of the time together with all our reviews of bench grinders and also our in-depth purchasing guide.

Bench grinders also have come a very long way and you will find many fantastic brands and models to pick from. Don’t forget to ask yourself exactly what you will use it for, which features are important to you and what type of price you are prepared to pay. As a result, it is possible to discover a high-quality product to fit your precise requirements.

It does not matter a fantastic deal if you are on a budget as there are still a few excellent budget choices on the market. But if electricity and double rates and the like are important for you then you might want to start your wallet! Shop around and there is no doubt you’ll have the ability to locate some very attractive deals. Heylovedesigns wish you the very best of luck with your choice!

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