Top 20 Best Bathroom Scale Brands In 2023

best bathroom scale

Is the best bathroom scale from the date? Sure it’s. This is the contemporary, measured world, after all, and you are swimming around inside like a dolphin. You do not only need to understand your weight — you wish to know your body fat percent and muscle makeup, just how your weight now compared to last week, and so forth.

Modern smart scales do a lot more than just reading your own weight, after all. To assist you to decide on the ideal product, we have spent hours scouring searching shores and linking with most important manufacturers to have a sense of their latest devices.

Heylovedesigns has reviewed the very best bathroom scales for 2020, and we are doing jumping jacks about a few of the most recent features. With the current scales, you are able to get reports about BMI, body fat percentage, muscle composition, and even body cardio accounts for wellness. Better still, you can link through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and get personalized reports about your wellbeing.

Reviews Top 20 Best Bathroom Scale for 2020

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Withings Body

The Withings Body Scale is a fantastic option if you’re trying to broaden your understanding of your body. In a slick design, it measures weight, BMImuscle mass, and fat percent, such as yours. However, the Withings Body Scale includes a few attractive features past that.

Along with revealing your everyday fat, the Withings Body Scale also shows your final eight weigh-ins right on the screen, which means you’re able to see whether your weight is trending up or down, data which other scales cause you to visit the program for.

The display screen can also give you weather updates or exhibit the number of measures you took the previous day — which is, if you are using a Withings tracker. This wise scale can also last up to 18 months on four AAA batteries.

The Withings Health Mate App connects to over 100 fitness programs, such as Beeminder, Google Fit, Fitbit, and LoseIt.

If you’re searching for more metrics, then Withings does provide a more innovative scale, the Body Cardio Scale, which measures the pulse wave speed. Even though this is probably an essential facet of your health — it is connected with hypertension and dangers of cardiovascular episodes, after all — it might not be crucial when picking a bathroom scale.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The slick RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale syncs straight to a phone and monitors 13 distinct dimensions of body composition, such as body fat, BMI, and body fat percent.

These steps can be particularly beneficial for monitoring different metrics of progress and wellness besides body fat.

The scale also features four high-precision sensors and electrodes to supply you with the most precise and consistent reading potential.

Best Overall Runner-Up: Escali B180RC Classic Glass Bathroom Body Scale

This Escali traditional Glass Scale is a slick pick for anybody trying to upgrade to a contemporary, no-frills digital scale. Known for its precision and user-friendly capacities, the Escali B180RC holds up to 400 lbs and measures body fat in increments of 0.2 lbs.

Offering both function and form, this round scale–measuring 12.875×12.875x 0.875 inches–is made from impact-resistant tempered glass. Tap-on technologies provide a quick, accurate reading using a grip feature that shows results after stepping away from the scale. Automatic shut-off keeps the battery life of these lithium batteries.

Best Sleek Design: QardioBase 2

This Wi-Fi smart scale and body analyzer measure over pounds. In addition, it calculates BMI and complete body makeup –such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, water, and bone mass. It steps around 396 lbs in increments of 0.2 lbs.

The sleek, contemporary Quardio scale features a tempered glass finish and a large LED screen, tastefully blending into almost any space. Its compact, circular layout steps 13.4×13.4×0.9 inches.

It is Wi-Fi- and – Bluetooth-enabled and syncs information straight to the Qardio program, in Addition to Apple Health, Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Alexa Skills, and Siri.

The scale stores information for up to eight users and also features a committed maternity style. Powered by the added Micro USB charging cable, its own internal battery lasts for 12 months after the first charge. On top of that, it works on almost any surface–even carpeting!

Eufy Smart Scale C1 with Bluetooth

If you’re searching for a very affordable smart scale along with a holistic approach to wellbeing, attempt Eufy’s C1, which you can purchase for about $30.

Connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth, and it is going to track a lot of different dimensions that will assist you meet your fitness goals: Body fat percentage, body mass indicator, water, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, lean body mass, bone mass, muscle mass, also, obviously, weight.

Cheaper choices such as the C1 typically are not compatible with as many physical fitness programs because the more expensive competitors. The C1 works together with the Eufy Life program, which now connects with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Up to 16 users may be on a single account, which means that your whole family may use the C1. Additionally, features such as an anti-slip high plate and curved corners create the scale simpler and more user-friendly. But because this scale costs under a few big leagues, why don’t you give it a try (and forgo the pizza)?

FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

If you’re trying to find a high-tech scale that really does it all, the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale might be perfect for you.

It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and syncs with hot wellness programs like Apple Health and Google Fit to monitor your progress with time.

Besides tracking your own weight, the FITINDEX scale monitors other dimensions of body composition, such as muscle mass, body fat, and BMI.

This makes it a fantastic alternative for anyone focused on building muscle and burning off body fat instead of only losing extra pounds.

Best for Accuracy: Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Increase your hand if you have done this: You step on the scale, so do not enjoy the reading, which means that you eliminate and try again until a few seems that you are pleased with.

With this Greater Goods scale, these days are completed (for better or worse!) Due to four weighing detectors that operate together to guarantee a precision of plus or minus 0.2 lbs. Users say this spot-on digital apparatus –that supports up to 400 lbs –is consistent with its own readings.

Better yet, this is really a product which gives back. Some of the proceeds in the purchase go toward Love146, a company that struggles to stop child trafficking and provides good care of survivors.

Greater Goods Body Composition Scale

Greater Goods is a business on a mission: The brand provides some of the proceeds from the sale of each product to many different charities. Purchase a kitchen gadget and you will finance meals for children from the care of the International Orphan Project. Purchase a toilet product like the Wifi Scale and you’re going to assist Love146 to provide medical services to survivors of trafficking.

The Body Composition Scale (recorded on Amazon with all the epic title of”GreaterGoods Digital Body Fat Weight Scale, Body Composition, BMI, Muscle Mass & Water Weight”) tracks from a plethora of metrics around your own weight, showing information in a dramatic blue display screen readily digestible from way up in the atmosphere.

We had a few challenges preparing the scale — a couple of components taken a faulty Wi-Fi processor, and also we got the golden ticket. The organization’s tech support was responsive and very useful, and these units must be long-cleared in the marketplace by the time you read this. Fantastic products serving a greater good — how can you fail?

Best Portable: NewlineNY Lightest Step-On Super Mini Travel Bathroom Scale

This tiny mobile scale is ideal for fitness fans on the move. Using a stage of 5.5×8.5×0.5 inches and weighing just 1.25 lbs, the scale readily fits into almost any gym bag or handbag, consuming as much distance as a Kindle.

A 3.5-inch screen features instant readings using a grip feature that introduces results for ten minutes once you step off the scale. The electronic readout screen then automatically shuts off.

Results can be shown in many units of measure, such as pounds, kilograms, and British gems. It may hold up to 325 lbs and steps in increments of 0.2 lbs.

Tanita BF680W Duo Scale

Apart from measuring body fat, the Tanita BF680W Duo Scale features an”athletic style” that measures body fat and body fat, which makes it a good option for casual gym-goers and athletes alike.

Keeping tabs on the body water percent will be able to help you keep adequate hydration degrees, which can be particularly critical for people who are physically active (4Trusted Source).

It functions with bioelectrical impedance, which can be when a feeble and pain-free current of electricity is transmitted through the body to measure body composition (5Trusted Supply ).

Using data entered from the user, the scale also provides an estimate of the number of calories that must be consumed daily for weight maintenance.

Best Smart Scale: Fitbit Aria two Wi-Fi Smart Scale

A growing number of scales sync to a telephone nowadays, letting you check in your weight loss progress when away from home. The Fitbit Aria two is just one of these, using WiFi to transport your weight info (like weight, lean mass, and body weight percent ) into a Fitbit program.

Not only can you see your weight trends with time on the program, but you could also track exercise, dog meals, and establish health objectives.

If losing weight is a priority for you, being consistent about weighing yourself on this scale can help you lose weight. Based on Fitbit, 70 percent of everyday Aria users shed weight in the initial six months.

One of our favorite features: Up to eight users may weigh themselves about the scale, and the apparatus will know who’s who when they measure on it (but will continue to keep your stats confidential!), which is really useful if your household shares the scale alongside you.

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is an excellent, budget-friendly bathroom scale with whatever you will need to keep an eye on your weight.

Additionally, it is true, easy to establish, and contains a massive LCD screen that is easy to browse.

This scale is great for people who are searching for a simple product that measures body fat but not BMI or body fat.

Best Smart Scale Runner-Up: Garmin Index Smart Scale

Known for its dependable and advanced GPS navigation and wearable tech products, Garmin is a top selection for anybody seeking to elevate their house health reporting.

Providing in-depth metrics, the Garmin Index Smart Scale measures fat, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water percentage, bone mass, and skeletal muscle mass. This Wi-Fi-enabled scale automatically uploads information to an individual’s Garmin Connect accounts available on the internet and on mobile devices. The scale admits up to 16 users also has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

It comes in black and white, weighs 6.2 lbs, and steps 13.8×12.2x 1.2 inches. It comprises four AA batteries also retains a battery life for up to 9 months. The extra-large electronic readout screen provides easy visibility in low-light configurations.

Fitbit Aria 2

If you are a lover of Fitbit, then you will want to take a look at the Fitbit Aria two Smart Scale. The Aria two has a simpler installation than the first Aria, allowing rapid Bluetooth installation via your mobile phone.

Though the Aria Scale stocks a lot of the very same features as the Withings Body Scale — it measures your weight loss, BMI, and body fat percent — that which divides the Aria is your Fitbit portable dashboard.

Fitbit is among the most common wearable producers on Earth, and for good reason. The Fitbit program can do virtually everything, including monitor your weight, monitor your hydration, then log your foods, monitor calories in versus calories out, measure your measures, and also send you reassuring messages that will assist you fulfill your objectives.

The Fitbit Aria two Scale is a fantastic addition for anybody who would like to have serious about their wellbeing.

Taylor Electronic Talking Scale

For all those who have impaired vision, the Taylor Electronic Talking Scale is a superb alternative.

It shows your burden clearly on an LCD display in pounds or kilograms and may be programmed to declare it in English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, or Croatian.

Compared with different scales, it is low to the floor and may be used by people with pacemakers, which makes it a fantastic alternative for older adults and people with underlying health issues or availability problems.

Best Budget: Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale

The Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale immediately captures exact weight measurements onto a widescreen display. This recently updated, the second-generation model captures weight in increments of 0.1 lbs, with a capacity of 440 lbs. The scale is equally slick and durable with an oversize system and low-step clearance of 12x12x0.75 inches.

Produced by impact-resistant tempered glass, it’s constructed to last and comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and white. It features auto-calibration engineering, multiple units of measure, step-on detection, and automobile shut-off features. A Tare button permits you to weigh babies pets, or bag without even stepping off the scale.

Etekcity Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Etekcity’s Bluetooth smart scale is still another good option for an inexpensive price. It utilizes Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to monitor weight, BMI, body fat, fat-free body fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body fat, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age. The scale functions together with the VeSyncFit program, which links to Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

This scale can be fairly attractive for this inexpensive unit. It’s an ITO (indium tin oxide) coated tempered glass coating. You may even create infinite profiles, which means that your whole family can benefit from the scale features.

My Weigh SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale

The My Weigh SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale features a large weighing platform and contains a greater capacity than many scales.

When most scales are confined to approximately 400 lbs (181 kg), this scale may step up to 700 lbs (318 kg).

Additionally, it has a talking role which may be toggled off and on and examine your weight in English, Spanish, French, or German.

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Best for Smaller Spaces: Gela Global Electronic Personal Scale

This compact electronic scale is excellent for studio dwellers and people who have restricted living room. Measuring 8.5×12 inches, the square, reddish glass scale will fit in the smallest of baths. It features an easy to read LCD screen that catches weight around 330 lbs.

The Gela Global scale is powered with a 2032 Lithium Coin 3-Volt battery and features a low battery indicator.

Best Analog: Ozeri Rev 400 pounds (180 kg) Bathroom Scale

This scale features a mixture of old school and new faculty using a synchronized 5.5-inch electro-mechanical dial along with an electronic readout display. Using 50 g sensor technologies, the scale measures weight up to 400 lbs at 0.1 pound increments.

The Ozeri Rev Bathroom Scale boasts a low-step 1-inch clearance and is created by impact-resistant tempered glass. A built-in alert allows users to contemplate at precisely the exact same time daily, ensuring a precise reading which is not influenced by temporary post-meal water retention. The scale measures 13.5x14x1 inches and weighs 3.7 lbs.

Things to Look for The Best Bathroom Scale

Things to Look for The Best Bathroom Scale


There are two chief forms of scales, digital and analog. Analog scales utilize an innerspring which compresses if the scale is weighted and displays the reading on a dial. Normally, analog scales would be the lowest priced alternative. They need no batteries and rely upon the human eye to get a precise reading.

Digital scales typically operate on batteries and display numbered effects onto a digital readout screen. More advanced models consist of intelligent and multi-user data saving capacities, in addition to additional dimensions.

Body Composition Measurements

Body composition measurements record the proportion of fat mass to lean tissue. Modern scales dip deep into the health profile, offering a range of dimensions, such as body fat percentage, bone mass, BMI, muscle composition, water weight, and much more.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Capabilities

Bright scales do all of the leg work. When paired with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth link, smart scales automatically keep track of an individual’s information over time and automatically syncs the data with the consumer’s fitness tracker to get a more complete profile.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a high excellent scale is an excellent way to keep an eye on your weight and handle your wellbeing.

Regardless of what you’re searching for, a wealth of bathroom scales can be found to suit almost every need and taste.

By Bluetooth scales for tech-savvy dieters to speaking scales to budget-friendly versions, it is possible to discover a product that works for almost anyone.

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