Top 11 Best Bathroom Paint Reviews In 2023

More goes into choosing the very Best Bathroom Paint than you may think. It is not always only about choosing the ideal color finish. Yes, we all know picking between Dawn Light and Shimmering Moon is an extremely important choice but the kind of paint you select is also crucial.

Toilet paints will need to include the ideal ingredients and the crucial properties to take care of the moist surroundings, and they can even have to be winnable, especially in the event that you’ve got young kids or a dog which gets the occasional tub in there, also.

Heylovedesigns has rounded up the best toilet paints you can purchase so keep scrolling to decide on the perfect one for you. And do not overlook our toilet thoughts gallery for heaps of stunning looks to have you motivated.

Top 11 Best Bathroom Paint Brands Of 2020

Top 11 Best Bathroom Paint Brands Of 2020

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REASONS to Purchase

  • Fantastic Selection of colors
  • MouldTec formula to prevent mold
  • Tough


  • Nothing!

Dulux Bathroom+ Emulsion Paint ought to become your go-to if you are trying to decorate your bathroom. The paint was formulated to be both steam and moisture resistant, so it ought to stay in tip-top condition however many showers have been taken a day.

Its MouldTec base protects the paint from the mold for as many as five decades, which provides you a lot of time to appreciate it until another coat is necessary. More than 24 hours, the paint dries into a mid-sheen complete, which repels steam instead of letting it soak. In our view, this can be the best toilet paint.


Dulux Easycare Bathroom is an exceptional paint formulated to withstand excessive steam and moisture. Having a gentle sheen complete, the product is easy to wash clean while the MouldTec technology protects the stained surface from the mold for as many as five decades.

Chromalock technology ensures that the brightness of the color for quite a while. This exclusive resin retains the color pigments dispersed in the wet paint, so ascertaining the molecules to bond together nearer if the paint dries, forming a protective film on the surface of the paint. This protects the color from the daily wear and tear, so providing long-lasting outcomes.

Complex technologies aside, Dulux Easycare includes coverage around 13m²/litre and can be ridiculously easy to use with a paintbrush or rollercoaster. The color, Pure Brilliant White, seems fantastic in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms, fitting well with a number of different colors.

The manufacturer is famous for its color consistency between lots nonetheless if using more than you may, we recommend mixing them in a bigger container.

In terms of the program, this emulsion paint includes a fast dry time and in perfect conditions, it takes another coat after about half an hour. Dealing in extreme temperatures or very humid conditions could cause unflattering results. Over darker paint or new partitions, it may be necessary to use two or more coats.


  • MouldTec technology protects the paint from the mold for as many as five decades, raising the product’s resistance to steam and moisture.
  • Chromalock technology permits the color pigments to bond nearer and produce a protective film that preserves the color for more.
  • Dulux soft sheen is roughly ten times harder than the traditional Matt and silk emulsions, resisting much better to challenging environmental problems.
  • Simple to use with a roller or brush, the paint dries quickly and takes another coat after about half an hour.
  • The gentle sheen finish provides a nice Matt appearance to the walls, and the paint does an exceptional job .


  • The paint has fantastic protection, but occasionally it may take four or three coats to have a clean white finish.

SHOWCASE — HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams

The crème de crème of the toilet paints on the market, HGTV HOME paint by Sherwin Williams, has all the attributes that you need in a premium excellent bathroom paint.

This paint, a top-rated one-coat paint, makes the job of painting your toilet simple right from the beginning. Unlike various other paints, then you need to employ a coat after coating to be able to achieve a much paint job, but HGTV HOME employs easily in only 1 coat, guaranteed.

In reality, the one-coat promise is endorsed by Sherwin Williams’ Lifetime Warranty. This implies less time on your cramped toilet and a much faster paint job.

The satin sheen of the paint is your ideal option for the high traffic, moisture prone toilet. It’s very stain and wash resistant, however, if marks do appear, they’re easy and pain-free to wash. This paint is really stain blocking and has a picture of mildew-resistant complete.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Only requires one coat


  • Only comes in 1 color

Damp stains will often show through emulsion paint, so if you are decorating a bathroom that has endured leaks previously, this really is the very best toilet paint to suit you.

Polycell’s One Coat Damp Seal will seal the moist patch, therefore it will not show through your upper coat. It merely requires a coat, which makes it fast and simple to use, and you’ll be able to use it on plaster, cement or rock. On top of that, it is touch dry within four weeks, which means that you are able to get on with implementing your preferred paint color on precisely the exact same day.


Ronseal Anti Mould Paint is just another exceptional choice to consider. The product covers around 13m²/litre based upon the wall surface and porosity; it dries in just two hours and 2 coatings are sufficient to have a clean white outcome.

To fight against mold, the product encapsulates a sophisticated biocide technology made to fight all common kinds of mold and preventing their expansion up to six decades. Moisture and steam resistant, Ronseal paint creates a protective film to the wall’s surface simple to wash when required.

Formulated for ceilings and walls, this paint adheres quickly to many surfaces, so long as it’s applied over a primer. The product is also simple to use with a paintbrush or roller and works with some versions of paint sprayers.

The paint comes from 750ml or 2.5L tins and is offered in white Matt and lace. Although choosing one complete over the following is a matter of taste, we enjoy white Matt’s smooth, velvety finish that hides wall imperfections. That having been said, white silk is simpler to wash.


  • Formulated especially for kitchens and bathrooms, this paint is moisture and steam resistant and is appropriate to use on all interior walls.
  • Advanced encapsulated biocide technology knowingly prevents the development of all common kinds of mold that could develop in large condensation places.
  • Provides up to 6 decades of mold protection.
  • Simple to use with a paintbrush or roller, the product dries quickly and has fantastic coverage of around 13m²/litre.
  • White Matt emulsion dries to a smooth, velvet finish that covers wall imperfections and is easy to wash clean as necessary.


  • Ronseal Anti Mould Paint is among the priciest on the current market, provided that it comes from 750ml tins.
  • The product is thick and needs to be applied, so it could take more paint than accounting to paywalls.
  • Paint knowingly fights all common kinds of mold, but in rare situations, infrequent mold strains may grow and lower the product’s efficiency.

Valspar Signature

Valspar provides when it comes to producing among the best toilet paints. Having a semi-gloss sheen which excels easily, this paint is excellent for high traffic areas like your toilet. Their motto”Stands up to anything™” is a daring statement they make concerning this paint plus it stays true.

This paint primer formulation makes it a lot simpler to paint your bathroom by simply taking a step away in the process. This paint is high concealing and holds up nicely to any type of evaporating even if your toilet is perched right in sunlight.

An exceptional characteristic of this bathroom paint is ScuffSheild Technology. This is a really beneficial feature for blemish-prone baths and really produces a very clear picture in addition to the paint that protects the paint color and makes it quite easy to wash if your walls or ceiling to get cluttered.

This paint also stands up well against mold and mildew while preserving its attractiveness and complete contrary to everyone the components of your toilet.


REASONS to Purchase

  • Cheap
  • Lots of color choice


  • End varies depending upon the color

If you’re after a budget-friendly paint that is likely to freshen up your toilet without costing a whole lot, GoodHome’s toilet paint is the response.

It is only 16 for 2.5 minutes but you still receive all the properties you would ever want from a toilet paint — it is washable, stain and mold resistant. The end is a gentle sheen that’s ideal for baths since they are inclined to be the rooms that get the smallest amount of natural lighting — a slight gloss with bounce light around the room.


HQC Toilet & Kitchen Paint provides ultimate protection against mold from large humidity and condensation areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. Shielding the walls for as many as five decades, this water-based paint is simple to apply and guarantees great breathability.

The product dries into a mid-sheen finish that resists stains, moisture, and dirt, and it’s ideal for high-traffic areas such as halls, playrooms, and stairways.

Durable and easy to wipe clean, this paint is created of eco-friendly substances, it’s a very low odor and it is not hazardous. It’s safe to employ in poorly ventilated surroundings and, once dry, it creates a breathable coating that allows moisture to evaporate, preventing potential stains and damage.

We enjoy how quickly the product stinks. It requires just two weeks to allow the paint to get dry along with another coat may be applied after just four weeks, depending upon the environmental problems.

Another thing we like is that the great price of this paint. Coming in 36 bright or light colors, the product is simple to incorporate into almost any interior design. For consistent results, we recommend applying at least 2 coatings irrespective of the color and render the product to cure for 24 hours prior to touching too.


  • 100% of oil paint has a very low odor and is created from eco-friendly substances. Safe to operate with it in poorly ventilated environments.
  • The particular formula provides premium protection from bacteria and mold for as many as five decades.
  • Ideal to use in most high condensation places, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
  • Simple to use with a brush, roller, or sprayer on previously cleaned and sterile surfaces. No primer required.
  • Water-based formula is totally washable, making a long-lasting appearance.
  • Coming in 36 colors, the paint isn’t hard to coincide with the present furniture or decorations.


  • The policy of 10m²/litre is just indicative, and in fact, it takes up a great deal of paint to achieve a consistent outcome.
  • Lighter colors become stained readily; the paint isn’t hard to wash, but the thing is bothersome.

Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew Resistant Paint

This gorgeous white paint is ideal for a clean, minimal look on your toilet without compromising the attributes of a tough, waterproof paint. This paint has a water-based formula that’s formulated to be mildew and mold resistant for up to five decades! This paint is excellent for areas like your toilet which are more prone to water vulnerability.

This paint adheres to pretty much any surface so that you may use it for different regions of your residence besides just your toilet. Zinsser’s paint is self-priming and contains an additional advantage of owning a 30-minute dry period, therefore painting with this toilet paint needs to be a fast and effortless job.

Though its color options are limited, you are able to tint this paint into a stunning off-white, pastel, or moderate shade color. In general, this water-based paint is a fantastic alternative for its own mold spores properties and simplicity to wash.

Aura Bath & Spa — Benjamin Moore

This brand goes contrary to all standard rules of selecting a finish for the toilet paint, however, it appears to have gotten it all right. Benjamin Moore’s Aura® Bath & Spa paint is really of a matte finish but using the very same properties you need in excellent bathroom paint.

How can they do it? The paint is manufactured from 100% latex using a proprietary resin that lets it have its excellent functional properties. This paint is amazingly durable since it’s optimized to withstand humid, humid surroundings and hides imperfections really well.

Another huge benefit of the matte paint is that it’s low VOCs (volatile organic chemicals ) that are such nasty vapors you attempt to prevent when painting. This is perfect if you’re searching for paint that needs less venting in a little toilet. This paint can also be mildew resistant and retains moisture from penetrating its surface.

BEHR ULTRA Interior Enamel

This sleek, ultra-coverage paint is undoubtedly among the greatest toilet paint options which are available on the industry. Behr is Famous for their high-quality paint products and this inside semi-gloss paint lives up to their standing

This inside paint, suitable to be used in just about any area of the home, was created especially to withstand mildew and stains. The end on this particular paint produces a slick, radiant sheen which really looks stunning on toilet walls. The testimonials and success stories on this paint are innumerable. The consensus? Behr’s ULTRA Interior paint is a must-use to the toilet.

The Way to Purchase the BEST BATHROOM PAINT

Colour Sense baths are normally the smallest room in the home, lighter colors are frequently utilized to produce the illusion that they’re larger and brighter than they really are.

Wipe-ability Toilet walls have a tendency to go splashed and therefore are susceptible to condensation, therefore picking a paint which may stand the moisture (and possibly mold) is crucial — but is its own wipe-ability.

Part-time Dulux has the greatest choice of colors on our listing, but you will come across the drying period to be too long in contrast to others, for example, Johnstone’s Brilliant White Kitchen & Bathroom Emulsion, which are ideal for giving your bathroom a fast refresh.

Surface If you are seeking to paint over tiles, then take a peek at Ronseal High Gloss Tile Paint, and should you have to seal within a moist patch, then attempt Polycell One Coat Damp Seal.

In Conclusion

There are many things you need to take into consideration prior to diving right to painting your toilet. Undergoing this job requires adequate preparation from the beginning and requires finding just which sort of toilet paint works the very best and retains up the maximum.

You need to be certain to get a fine, high-sheen paint (if you don’t elect for them matte Aura® Bath & Spa) that satisfactorily resists water and mold. You would like your toilet paint to take care of its own moisture-filled environment nicely without fear your walls will get stained or dented with mold.

Now that you have found the very best of toilet paints, you’ll be well on your way to bringing a splash of color or even a tint of white to your toilet!

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