Top Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviewed 2023

Odds are that you have got a minimum of one hedge if you have got a backyard. Hedges are a method of indicating your property boundary appealingly, but they don’t have one issue: maintenance. Hedge care can be expensive (if you hire somebody to do it for you) and time-consuming (in case you do it yourself), which explains the reason why you may wish to consider obtaining a best cordless hedge trimmer. Which one of the products if you purchase? HeyLoveDesign is here to inform you all that you have to learn about hedge trimmers and to provide a few of our model recommendations to you.

You Want a Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

The obvious and of having a cordless hedge trimmer is you may do your lawn care and can continue to keep your property looking nice and neat. Trimming your hedges using a specially designed tool will probably be fairly quickly, in addition to more economical in the long run than hiring somebody to do it to you.

However, the pros of cordless, instead of corded, hedge trimmers are perhaps a bit less obvious. They provide you greater freedom, as you won’t have to be near a plug outlet. They are safer, as you won’t have to get an extension cable running through the backyard, and there is no possibility of electrocution via cutting edge that cable.

Cordless hedge trimmers are a terrific addition to your tool shed, and also one which is going to see lots of use, which makes them a fantastic investment.

What Features Should I Be Searching for?

In this guide, we’re going to list down a few of the very best cordless hedge trimmers which you could purchase to your lawn. This listing has been rated by us.

Power Rating

Even though they’re handheld devices, cordless hedge trimmers are still electricity machines. Even though heavy-hitting hedge trimmers might have greater voltage and current rating, hand-held trimmers possess a decent 20 horsepower or any 56 volts rates. Greater is favored and better.


The thing which you have to appear is that the size of this blade at the trimmers. While corded trimmers arrive with big blade dimensions, cordless might well not have that luxury constantly. But modern-day cordless trimmers include any trimmer blade dimensions that are handy.

Now choosing the dimensions of the blade, your pick would be determined by how big of a hedge are you currently trimming. For smaller shrubs, a moderate-sized 16 inches blade is tight sufficient but for nearly anything. However, for bigger hedges, you might choose to decide on a 24 inches big blade. You will find choices for changes so that you may want to go with these.

Manage Ergonomics

The crucial aspect to consider is this handle’s ergonomics. While corded machines are going to have the cable assistance to some degree, the cordless machines will need to care for the handle also. So groovy handles are a terrific decision to select compared to raw grips.


Cordless trimmers are normally more silent than their gas-powered cousins, but you will still need to check at the sound rating for a device before you purchase. Generally, battery-powered trimmers get to about 90 decibels, more than that and you are taking a look at something which’s simply too dumb.


Various trimmers have spaces involving their teeth and also the larger the gap that the larger the branches they could cut. It is no good using a super-strong trimmer with a narrow tooth gap because despite all of that electricity it will not be in a position to grip thick branches to cut them. Gap will move from approximately 15mm to approximately 22mm.

Reviews: Top of best cordless hedge trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 — Editor’s Choice

The BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 is a 24-inch hedge trimmer which utilizes dual-action blades. This usually means you’re trim fast and get completed in half the time that it requires one to trim your hedges with a single-action blade hedge trimmer. You need to get the majority of the overgrown branches easily throughout the 3/4 inch teeth openings, and this also makes it a perfect trimmer for all sorts of bushes and hedges. It includes a 40V lithium-ion battery, that, when fully charged, leaves up to feet of hedges that are trimmed. Also included is a charger that will provide a charge in 1 hour to you.

Black & Decker use its own Power Drive transmission mechanics to help produce cuts. Coupled with all the dual-action system, it becomes divisions cut, saving you a lot of time. A front grip provides a grip, with rubberized grips offering a means to take care of the trimmer. Additionally, it is quite light, and you may use it with no own weight for extended periods at a time. Black & Decker problems a 3-year guarantee on this version, and that means you’ve got the assurance that the firm is going to manage any problems that might come up at this time.


  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Type: dual-action
  • Length: 24 in
  • Strokes 2,400
  • Max cutting capacity: 3/4 in
  • Weight: 6.9 pounds
  • Warranty: 3-year

Additional features

  • Rapid charging up to 6000 sq feet of hedges per fee, in 1 hour, Power Drive transmission


  • Contains 40V battery
  • Fast one-hour charger
  • Light
  • Wraparound front manage
  • Soft rubber grips


  • In 2400 strokes per minute, it does not provide a very nice finish

EGO Power+ 24-inch Hedge Trimmer — Many Strong

The EGO Power+ 24-inch Hedge Trimmer is among the cordless hedge trimmers on the marketplace. It utilizes a 56V lithium-ion battery and easily cuts through any kind of bush or hedge. At full charge, the battery lasts up to one hour, and it is greater than time for nearly all of us to receive our hedges. In the event, you want more time to operate on your hedges recharge the battery purchase or to last a battery if the battery runs out of power with which to swap.

EGO Electricity has made the battery within this hedge trimmer harmonious with EGO Power+ ARC lithium-ion batteries, which means if you already have one of them or encounter them in the shop, you can use and get them on the hedge trimmer. The EGO Power+ 24-inch Hedge Trimmer supports a maximum twig diameter of 3/4 inches, which is wider than the majority of the hedges, shrubs, and bushes you will be trimming, and this also makes it perfect for cutting all sorts of hedges.

The blades are 24-inch dual-action bits, which will find the job. EGO Power delivers a 5-year limited guarantee on the hedge trimmer plus a 3-year limited guarantee on battery. Both of these are perhaps.


  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Type: dual-action
  • Length: 24 in
  • Strokes 3000
  • Max cutting capacity: 3/4 in
  • Weight: 6.24 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-year restricted
  • More features: around 1-hour run time on a cost, weather-resistant construction brake to stop the blade


  • From cutting edge blades instantly stop
  • 5-year guarantee
  • 3-year battery guarantee
  • IPx4-rated for climate resistance
  • IPx4-rated for climate resistance
  • Compatible with EGO POWER + ARC Lithium batteries


  • Pricey

Makita XHU02M1 — Greatest Small

The Makita is a considerably lightweight hedge trimmer (in 7.4 pounds ) using a 22-inch blade). Makita utilizes an anti-vibration layout to produce this trimmer friendly and comfy to use. They comprise five cushions within the motor casing to lessen vibration to attain this aim. The XHU02Z utilizes a two-hand functioning, where you must grip the handle along with the switch to trigger the engine.

This two-hand engagement promotes security during use, as you are not likely to cut yourself. It is ideal for smaller hedges and bushes, as it includes a maximum twig diameter of just 1/4 inches (approximately 10mm), and 1,350 strokes per second. Incorporated herein are lots of technologies and features.

We liked the Star Protection Computer Controls, which ensures the trimmer does not overload, over-discharge, or overheat. There’s also a low battery warning system, which works to inform you that it is time and stops the engine. Other features include an electric brake and battery-cooling enthusiast. Makita provides a 3-year limited warranty with this trimmer.

The only bummer is that the battery is not included in the kit; you need to purchase it. Fantastic thing is that guarantee also covers the 18V Makita battery, and it is compatible with 18V lithium-ion batteries using the Star emblem.


  • Anti-vibration layout
  • Low battery indicator
  • Star Protection Computer
  • Controls Built-in battery fan
  • Electric brake promotes productivity
  • Battery using Star emblem
  • 3-year limited warranty


Stronger than rivals Tricky to trigger

The VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer (Big )

In terms of value this VonHaus pair of trimmers, for money is a deal, it is only filled with features that you are likely to enjoy. The basics, first. This is an effective 20-volt machine, using a 14-millimeter tooth gap. That is a good deal of power the tooth gap that is means you won’t have the ability to cut at branches.

You will find a lot of features, however. 1 hour of control time puts you 50 minutes so battery power is superb. The flexible telescopic handle allows you to stretch to around 2.4 meters, and that means you are going to have the ability to achieve even the greatest of hedges. Along with the mind goes at 45-degree angles reach the roughest of places. You receive a hand protector, a shoulder strap for carrying, also there is a two-handed on the switch to stop the device turning on.

Nonetheless, this is not a lightweight instrument, coming in at a whopping 3.8 kilos. And that enamel gap means that despite the power, you are probably not likely to have the ability to handle jobs.


  • A Great Deal of electricity
  • Comfort grip and shoulder strap handle
  • Rotating head and telescopic handle imply reach


  • Tooth gap size
  • Relatively heavy

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Buying Guide: Selecting The Ideal Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Choosing the best one, When there are a lot of alternatives to pick from and also the one of quality may be a tricky decision. Inside this buying guide, we will list a few of the things down which you may wish to consider before purchasing a trimmer.

Aspects to Consider While Purchasing a Hedge Trimmer:

The Motor’s Power score

The very first matter to consider is the energy rating of this trimmer’s engine. The majority of the instances possess greater energy ratings but cordless hedge trimmers might not have this luxury. They tend to have 4 amps of power score or approximately 3 amps.

Coming to the ratings of that machinesthey stand at 40 volts or approximately 20 volts. That is adequate considering the power consumption which goes on about it. Considering that cordless machines rely on battery homes due to their electricity purpose. Thus score ought to be selected with some caution.

Blade Size

The next matter to consider is this Hedge trimmer’s dimensions. This is to make certain that’s sufficient length.

Bigger the dimensions, better is that the hedges to be cut along with the trimming of bushes could be carried out. But you will be given compact abilities for shrubs too by smaller blades. The best-case scenario is to select a size that suits the cases almost both. Whereas others may have provided that 24 inches as 28, the majority of the trimmers arrive with roughly 16 inches span. Pick on one sensibly based upon your need.

One more thing which you have to keep in your head is to opt for a changeable knife set. These configurations will provide you the liberty to alter the blades from big to types.


The next thing that you wish to consider (occasionally this ought to be the very first thing if you dwell in power deprived regions or on excursions ). All cordless hedge trimmers come and are rechargeable with a hassle-free cord. With a complete charge, you will be given approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour of battery life power by adequate high-quality machines.

An adequate 7.2 volt or greater lithium-ion battery will be recharged to complete in about three or four hours or 5 hours max. The product literature can provide you a much better idea about it.

Manage’s ergonomics

The next matter to consider is the ergonomics of the deal. As a cordless system, the maximum needs for better ergonomics.

This may be realized via the grooves in the deal. They’ll provide you a clearer idea of just how comfortable it’s to endure without damaging arms and your arms.


Power tools include a vibration problem and this is not escaped by these hedge trimmers. But the majority of the modern-day machines arrive to prevent or decrease the vibration. This is achieved by leaving an inch half between the equipment and the blade which will aid in reducing the vibration.

The vibration will signify that you can use the tool for intervals that are more or result in any damage and have an exact and much better cut into it.

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Durability and Warranty

The last aspect to consider is the durability and the guarantee that support it. Even though a power apparatus is heavy, it might take a great deal of energy to decrease the slopes and buses. This is going to bring about a great deal of wear and tear to the machine. This might promise some problems.

Thus it’s essential to consider this machine’s durability and this may be realized with. Even though the majority of the machines arrive with 1-year guarantee quality machines arrive with guarantee durations ranging from two decades or perhaps even 3 decades of manufacturer’s guarantee. This will provide you confidence in this product.


Of all of the products now, we discussed in the list, the WORX Cordless hedge trimmer 20-volt electricity share hedge trimmer wins the listing. This hedge trimmer includes a 22-inch long blade, a charger, and a shaped good handle and performance from all. With 30 days return and its 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee, it makes it the hedge trimmer.

While it was on our listing, we’re interested in hearing what you believe. Did you enjoy our list? Or do you need us to remove or to add anything? Or have you got some questions? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to write in the remarks to our section below and our staff will write back to you as soon as possible.

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