Top 6 Best Cordless Lawn Mower 2023

Our expert testers have examined countless garden tools to obtain the best ones for comfort, value, and quality. Read our listing of the cordless lawnmowers, covering pros and cons, ease of use, performance, and cost. The generators within this listing earned a score of four out of five stars which mean that you may be sure of functionality and quality.

We’ve reviewed a few of the best cordless lawn mower beneath if you are in the market for a brand new version.

Reviews for Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Worx WG779E


  • Long warranty and storage, Simple assembly
  • Turbo and Eco modes
  • Bright, light and easy to maneuver
  • Charger and battery synonymous with Worx 20V tools


  • Long charge time
  • One handle height

Our testers found this lawnmower simple to build and it folds away for storage when not being used. There are a 30-liter ready-made grass bag and six. It is perfect for smaller yards and we’re impressed with the quantity of featured-packed with considering the cost. Besides, it will come with a generous three-year guarantee and we guessed it a Best Buy.

Husqvarna LC 247iX


  • Comes assembled and folds flat for storage
  • On manage battery power level visible
  • Cuts well
  • Program for support needs and conduct time
  • Compatible with Husqvarna products


  • Heavy
  • Long charge time

Our specialist testers felt that this was a well-designed mower that had a harvest of amazing features. There are caution lights also an Eco manner and it connects to a program. It cut and managed. There is a 1-year guarantee and we were given this Best Buy status for yards.

Makita DLM460PT2


  • The battery power level on manage
  • Quick charge time
  • Ten cut peaks
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Robust steel deck


  • Heavy
  • Assembly awkward for the Purchase Price

The Makita version has a selection of an option along with ten cut peaks. The aluminum deck it felt also the mower and strong cut using a silent mode. The battery energy level is shown on the deal and it costs in 45 minutes, which was quicker than the majority of the versions we’ve tested. It is guaranteed for a year and felt that this was a great worth. We judged this version that Best Buy for larger lawns.

Ego LM1701E


  • Simple to assemble and folds for storage
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Sturdy and easy to handle
  • The clear presence of battery power amounts
  • Charger and battery synonymous with Ego Electricity + tools
  • Wide Assortment of heights


  • Run time supplied

Our testers thought that this was a well-thought-out lawnmower with loads of features. It is easy to assemble and fold away for simple storage. Nicely maneuvers and cuts and is a joy to use. You will find just seven cutting heights and have collected, mulch, and discharge features. There time, Though it charges in half an hour. An extremely generous five-year warranty is included, and we judged that this a Best Buy for additional features.

Swift EB132C2 40v Cordless Digital Compact Lawn Mower

  • Product Specification
  • Battery: 40V Lithium-ion
  • Grass collector capacity: 30 liters
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Reduced height: 20 — 70 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg.
  • Our Inspection

Swift 40v Compact yard mower includes an electronic engine with load sensing technologies, where it corrects the cutting span based on grass height. With its 32 cm blades, a place can be covered by the machine up. Between 20 to 70 mm’s span, it provides you five options.

The electronic motor incorporated with all the Swift mower is lasting, efficient, and operates for prolonged hours. Internal elements are engineered to provide optimal performance with improved efficacy.

Hand propelled mower includes its knobs, buttons, and lever that are available on its grip so you can enjoy total control. Its grass catcher is enough for a little or medium-sized yard.

You can fold the deal for storage. Battery and charger are included with the mower. And its battery can be used with additional Swift power tools too. It seems like it’s all you want in a pocket-friendly cost.


  • Ten stops involving the height adjustments that are specified
  • Precise cutting because of the metal blade
  • Lifting handles on its unit and the bud box
  • Power loading sensing for height adjustment.


  • Low run time of 20 minutes.

Greenworks G40LM35K2 Cordless Mower

  • Product Specification
  • Battery: 40 volts
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Grass collector capacity: 40 liters
  • Cutting width. 35 cm
  • Cutting height. 20 — 70 mm
  • Dimension: 46.5 x 71 x 38 cm.

Our Inspection

Among the best-selling cordless lawnmowers in the united kingdom, Greenworks 2501907UA packs some high-end features at an inexpensive price tag. Powered with a lithium-ion 40V battery, it may crack up a place.

The cordless lawn mower comes. You may buy a one Because its battery is removable. You can load just 1 battery.

If you possess an area more important than a tennis court Purchasing an excess mobile is beneficial. The included charger and battery are all compatible with the G-Max 40V chainsaws, leaf blower, cultivator, and cutter.

There is A battery level indicator wonderful to have to get a powerful instrument. That Greenworks mower has. This mower’s energy system is electric, therefore there are sound contamination of 96 dB and no carbon emissions.


  • Five cutting heights
  • Minutes of runtime
  • Oversize and lightweight wheels for terrains
  • Removable safety key
  • Mulching ability.


  • Lacks the roller
  • Fees one battery.

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Top Best Cordless Lawn Mower 2020


That is because there are few duos compared to a 240-volt electrical cable plus also a fast-spinning blade, also gas mowers are completely OTT for people, particularly with UK backyard dimensions shrinking.

Standard lawnmowers aren’t just possibly dangerous, but they require much to cut a yard due to the time. Most contemporary battery-powered cordless generators, on the other hand, are as strong as their counterparts, however less hassle to work with. In reality, we estimate that the cordless mowing process from accessing it is using a version.

But some cordless versions may struggle in additional long bud so best avoid handling any pastures (we are talking quite long marijuana here, the kind that has not ever noticed a lawnmower).

Fear not if your version cuts it leaving chunks of grass that is compacted in its aftermath if cutting grass that is roughly 6 inches long. This is standard for any mower performing its first-of-the-year cut. The trick is to place the deck to the maximum running and setting oppositely again across the yard. Leave it and go back because of its cut. Until it resembles a golf course fairway, slowly lower the edge deck for sessions.

Mowers’ lithium-Ion batteries are fast to control and provide between 25 and 60 minutes of hassle-free mowing, which will be enough to get your UK backyard.

Things to consider buying

Before buying your cordless lawn mower, there are a couple of items to consider:

Size of yard

Lawnmowers are handy but since you’re limited from the battery life of their yard mower, they’re not acceptable for lawns. You will probably run out of control until the job is finished. Just consider a lawnmower when you’ve got a yard mower.

Other things are the bud box dimensions along with cutting width or your deck dimensions. Blade and A deck dimensions will cut with precision. It’ll be faster and require fewer moves. A grass box may mean fewer trips to empty away it.

Sort of bud of Period and bud

More electricity will be required by some varieties of grass. You leave it for a little while between cuts or In case you’ve got a challenging grass, then a cordless lawn mower may not have the capability.

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What to Search for:

Listed below are a couple of features to consider when making your choice.


Among the benefits of lawnmowers is they are usually easy and lightweight to move. They’re seldom self-propelled but because of their design, they’re low and easy to drive work.

Cutting height choices

You would like a couple of choices concerning cutting heights so that you can find the cut in line with the sort of this season and bud. Most lawn mowers are provided with a vast selection of heights, however, the atmosphere may change from 3 to 7depending on how important this can be to you personally, should be considered.

Battery life

This is important since you need something which will endure long enough to get your yard on without needing to stop to recharge. The maker provides a quote of their battery life. The battery life you’ll need, the bigger your yard. Some versions utilize you plus a battery can be charged as the other is used by you. That is great for bigger yards.

It’s better to mention that batteries may be synonymous with other garden tools.


Sorts of bud or an environment with plenty of slopes and banks will require power. You’ll also require power your bud is made to grow or will be moist if.

Cutting Deck

The width of this deck is just another element that makes it possible to select a lawnmower. After viewing a runtime The majority of us make faces, but it is not news if the mower has cutting blades. Using a broad cutting blade, more space will be covered by the machine, and also the job that is mowing will be finished in energy and significantly less time. It’s not helpful to put money into a mower a blade, although with runtime. Assess your needs and pick appropriate dimensions of cutting width or cutting edge deck.

Self-Propelled Features

This is. If you’re recovering from an accident a self-propelled mower may be the very best to keep your yard or backyard. They’ll proceed with no support you have to direct them.

Bottom lineup

This lawnmower inspection will go a long way in helping you to acquire the lawnmower UK. These 12 products have been examined if you decide on any of these and you won’t be making the wrong choice.

We strongly suggest that you experience this piece painstakingly you will have the ability to earn the choice. Grass needs the instrument and is a serious business. Your ability to obtain the mower that is ideal means you’ll be permitted to execute the job of keeping your garden.

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